3-Ingredient Art 3/4 Lesson Plans

For some teachers, the biggest obstacle for teaching art lessons is lack of supplies. This 24-page booklet features four art lessons developed for grades 3 & 4 that use basic art supplies: paper, paint & a drawing tool (oil pastel or pencil). These lessons offer tips and tricks to shorten art instruction time and give options for rich add-ons. Great art lesson basics for every classroom.

Van Gogh Sunflowers (2 lessons)

Follow my techniques for drawing and painting these exquisite pieces and marvel at the results. Lesson one shows how to paint with tempera and the other lesson demonstrates with oil pastel.

Terrific Toucans

Hands down one of the most successful drawing/painting projects I’ve ever done. Follow the tricks with my step-by-step handouts then let the children create. I truly LOVE this project.

Whale Mosaic

Featuring three grand mammals; the California Grey, Humpback and Blue. Children draw a whale of their choice and apply paint using a cool sponge technique. The background is optional. Using tissue paper and Mod-podge, the children create a warm or cool ocean.

Handouts Included:

  • How-to-Draw a vase of Sunflowers
  • How-to-Draw a Toucan and Leaves
  • Drawing Toucans Idea Sheet
  • How-to-Draw a California Gray Whale
  • How-to-Draw a Blue Whale
  • How-to-Draw a Humpback Whale
Also included:
  • Teacher tips
  • Recipes for mixing paint colors
  • Multi-lesson student galleries
  • Work-in-progress photo tutorials
Although the lessons are suggested for grades three and four, they could easily be adapted for any grade level.
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  1. [...] from kids on subjects you might never have thought about. One recent article on whales inspired my whale lesson for 4th grade. So think beyond Renoir and Degas and seek current inspirations that will inspire and excite your [...]

  2. [...] varies. A year ago I tried tempera painted flowers and I loved the results. I even made it into a PDF art lesson so you can see exactly how I taught the lesson. (The PDF includes handouts for the students or for [...]

  3. Candice Lynn says:

    Hi Patty
    I love your website. I am an art specialist in Perth , Western Australia. I teach pre primary to year 7, in a school of over 800 students. I would like to buy some of your lesson plans but am not sure how it works with exchange rates etc. do you have other overseas buyers and how do they do this?

  4. [...] Still Life paintings are a classic subject that can be infused with ample amounts of personality and color. Your child can chose the color palette. You assist with a few basic steps. Van Gogh Flowers are super easy and always, always turns out stunningly beautiful. Here is a Van Gogh Sunflowers Lesson in Oil Pastel and another Van Gogh Sunflowers with paint. [...]

  5. […] and thus resulted these very blue pieces. We loosely followed the ideas for the whales in this 3 Ingredient Art plan. We chose to do a wet watercolored background rather than the tissue paper collage background, […]

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