Paper Bunny Art Lesson

Last week, my second grade students used templates, painted and colored paper and oil pastels to create cute little rabbits. Adding tails, teeth, ears and flowers, the kids created their own Mr. Bunny all in one 45-minute class time. This lesson is fast due to the use of pre-made templates. I created a head, body and side leg. If you prefer not to use templates, the children can cut their own bunny shapes. It might be helpful, in this case, to provide shape ideas on the white board (i.e Oval=head, big, fat oval=body, etc)

Enjoy the Second Grade Bunnies video! (click on the triangle below)


  1. lori says:

    LOVE the video! What a great idea for us visual learners : )! I loved whating the bunnies being created.

  2. Pat says:

    Love It, was trying to think of an easy way to make bunnies in conjuntion with Leo Lioni’s book.I have a very tight schedule and don’t see the students nearly enough so I put a lot of stock in templates.It helps eliminate that “I don’t know what to do”time and allows the students to get right to work.And no matter what they all still come out different with their own personality.

  3. Amy says:

    I love all your art lessons!

    I was wondering if you can post your videos on TeacherTube? Our school system blocks YouTube and I’m not able to access your videos.

    • Patty says:

      Hi Amy,
      Someone else mentioned Teachertube (it may have been you!) and I’ll look into it. Most people are happy with Youtube so I can’t promise anything yet. Perhaps if I do more videos, it might be worth the effort. Thanks for suggesting a new platform!

  4. Denise Ferrell says:

    so cute. We just finished Splat but read the Easter book and added eggs, basket etc. I love the cut out bunny. I just made one at home and ran out of room at the top… like a student might and folded the top of the ear down.. looks so cute that I bent the other one down too. Wanted to share! I tell my kids you are my teacher friend from California. Love your tested and true lessons.

    • Patty says:

      Yes! These are the details that I missed. I had to work hard just to get the kids to make long bunny ears. I had many mousy-looking bunnies!

  5. Sue says:

    We have the same YouTube issue at our school. Love your sits, and have purchased several of your lessons. They’re Great!

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