Taming my creative self

Every once in a while I need to blog for me. To organize the thoughts in my head and sort out the must-do and can-wait lists. This past week has been busy. My children’s lives have kicked into high gear with sports, school and senior year activities. My blog has been busy; lots of personal emails, lots of questions, lots of  art lessons to be sorted into posts. I love it all.

But I need a creative break. Next Thursday, I will be traveling to Salt Lake City to attend Snap! Creativity at your fingertips Conference. I can’t wait. Over 300 creative bloggers will be sharing stories, information and blogging tips. Truth is, I think I have this blogging thing under control but it’s the other bloggers I want to meet. People who are as obsessed and passionate about their business as me. I even had business cards made up just for the event. I haven’t had a business card in decades!

I can’t wait for the photography, Photoshop and video-making sessions at the conference. I’m busy planning and creating my Teaching Art Creatively 101 ecourse and with video being a major part of it, I’m excited to learn some professional tips.

I also have a backlog of new PDF art booklets in the pipeline. Publishing them is taking me longer because they are getting better. Better tutorials; better photography, graphics and technical elements. The $5 price point I started with 3 years ago is becoming a great value! But that’s my mission; providing great, doable lessons at a great value.

Neil has been busy upgrading the site. You may have noticed that the site is faster. That’s because of a server upgrade. I never would have predicted how much technical stuff goes into hosting a blog. It’s been a long, steady learning curve from when I started my free blog on Blogger to hosting my blog on WordPress. I spend alot of time just making sure links are working and images have the proper titles, but it’s worth it. Next up for the technical end of my blog is a new shopping experience. We are looking into different ways to make viewing my products and checking out of the store a bit easier.

Now I think I will do a little laundry. There is a mountain in front of my washing machine that has my name all over it.

Have a wonderful, creative and restful weekend.




  1. Pat Stevens says:

    The conference sounds like tons of fun! I look forward to your post-conference posts about all of your experiences in Utah! Have a great time and enjoy!


  2. Jessicasouthey says:

    yupp should be fun im doing it 4 my art project <3

  3. Tauni says:


    It’s hard to believe SNAP! is right around the corner. We’re looking forward to seeing you and learning more about you!


  4. Patty- If anyone knows what you mean about keeping up a blog, being backlogged on new ideas, learning new programming for a new site, planning e courses and the like, it’s me (My tech support is also my husband and we do it as a team). We have so much in common. Ideas come to me all day and all night. With a new baby there are only so many hours in the day, but I love it all. Like you, I will be working part time next year to work more on my website and make more resources for art educators!!! Sometime we need to just “chat”- I think it’s good to talk to others who are in your position, and most of all “get it”- Enjoy the conference and please share what you came back with. Talk soon!

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