Teaching Art 101 Ee-Course Registration Updates

Colors artMy final session of Teaching Art 101 will be held on February 25-March 18, 2013. After this session ends (April 30), I will be offering this e-course as a self-paced e-Course only.

What does this mean?

Although Teaching Art 101 does not have any “live” sessions; comments, forum participation, Facebook interaction and Flickr feedback all contribute to an active classroom environment during the set classroom dates. After April 30th, I will not no longer be offering this course in the same manner.

Instead, you can purchase the e-Course as a self-paced workshop: the entire contents of the course will be available on day one until 6 months after your purchase date.

Last chance to register for this session…

If you want feedback from me, the opportunity to be challenged with homework, connect with art teachers from across the globe, then you have until Monday, February 18th to register. ALL LOG-IN INFORMATION EMAILS WILL BE SENT ON FEBRUARY 22, 2013. If you do not receive an email on this day, it means we don’t have your correct email address (typo, husband’s, school,etc) or the email may have been blocked by your email host. Please email me with your correct email address.

Class will begin on Monday, February 25th. You will need to log onto the course to access the lessons.

I can’t wait to meet all of you who have registered. I have a feeling this will be an active group!

Questions? Please contact Patty at Patty.Palmer@deepspacesparkle.com



  1. Magdalena says:

    Hi Patty;
    Are we able to purchase this ecourse as a self-paced workshop yet, as per the information above?
    Thank you! M (Australia)

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