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I’ll admit it.  Autumn is my favorite season. New class schedule, routines, resolutions (forget January!) and when the weather gets a bit colder, some new clothes.

After my summer vacation and work hiatus, I came back to Santa Barbara ready to upgrade my 21″ Mac to a 27″ Mac. The desktop real estate is seriously impressive and allows me to have multiple screens visible. That’s why I initially needed the larger screen size but the truth is, my older computer just didn’t have enough oomph to get me through my days of creating videos, e-courses and photo edits for the blog. This computer has tons of memory and enough storage to last me years without having to figure out a complicated file management system. I’m so relieved. And happy.

Better Blog Design

Better yet, see the Blog Design For Dummies book on my desk? My blog friend Melissa Culbertson of the MomComm fame wrote this book and used my social media images as an example in her book. So while I am excited to be included in the book, I’m way more excited to have this book in my possession. It is fabulous! Melissa explains blog design so that everyone can understand. I’ve been scouring every page, writing notes and posting a good amount of sticky notes in the pages. I suspect it’ll be on my desk for a while.



Since my new Art Curriculum Workbook came out, many asked if the pages were editable. They aren’t, but it got me thinking about what program I could use to not only make a beautiful document but have it editable too. Adobe’s InDesign might be the program I’m looking for, so I have signed up for a couple of e-courses that will help me understand the program and decide if it will help me create even better PDF documents. Do you have any experience working with this program? I’d be curious to see what you think of it.


Last Spring was a very busy time. I created 30 videos, PDF Lesson plans and posts for my Beyond the Basic e-Course and my butt is proof that I did nothing else. I love to  do my ocean walks but walking doesn’t tone like it used to. So I’m carving out some serious Yoga class time this Fall so I can become a leaner and stronger content creator! I’ve been down-dogging it for two weeks now and already I feel stronger.


I love creating e-courses but I’m absolutely addicted to taking them, too. I LOVE learning new things especially in the comfort of my own home. I hope to sign up for Holly Becker’s new Blog class in October. I’ve already taken 2 of her classes and the truth is, the second time I took the class, I felt like the content was stuff I knew, but her delivery is always inspiring. I love the effort she puts into each post, each lesson and it always reminds and inspires me to do the same for my readers. For me, it’s just not worth doing it,  unless I do it well.

I’m also hoping to fit in Jeannie Oliver’s new holiday e-course. She has a bevvy of lovely bloggers presenting their spin on what they like to do for the holidays and I’m eager to see their videos. The truth is, I’ve lost a bit of the holiday magic recently and I’m curious to see if I can recapture some back. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way….

So, what’s making you happy lately? Care to share?



  1. Patty, Thanks for sharing your blog design inspiration and learning resources. What a deserved honor to be included in the Blog Design for Dummies book – you definitely have a good sense of design – one that is attractive and yet is logical in layout. Your choice of colors, fonts, and icon style are geared towards an audience of elementary art educators/classroom teachers. I can’t wait to see what inspirations you glean from your upcoming courses and how it will be reflected in blog’s design. Always something to learn!

  2. I’m SO glad you do your website as great as you do…I use your lessons ALL the time in my homeschool. I’m thinking about purchasing some of your pdf’s for class this year. what would you suggest starting with? I have an 11,8, and 5 year old so i’m all over the board!

    • Patty Palmer says:

      Hi Alicia,
      Boy, that’s a hard one. It depends on what you want to cover. I like Modern Masters for grades 4-6 and Modern masters for grades K-3 if you want to cover some classic painters. The literature ones are fun as are the watercolor projects. Hope this helps!

      • R5bales says:

        While I can’t speak for Patty, I can give you my opinion. I have purchased several PDFs but the thing that has helped me the most is the Curriculum guide. If you can only purchase one thing, this is the one thing. It will give you direction and suggestions on specific lessons for ages 5 – 13.

  3. Kasey says:

    I to LOVE taking online classes! I have heard lots about Holly Becker’s bloging class. I may check that one out too!

  4. alegtzdiaz@me.com says:

    Patty…oh my…what a relief to listen that even YOU need an InDesign course!! I have spent so many hours trying out some design apps trying to find one that works for me. I have not been successful though, and I thought this was me not having a designers background. I will be looking for an InDesign ecourse…one more GREAT IDEA from you! Thanks for sharing…

  5. kyliem3412@mac.com says:

    Hi Patty,
    I have used Adobe Indesign for the past 3 years creating our school yearbook, it can really do your head at times! if people have Adobe Acrobat Pro they can make any PDFs editable. Have fun!

  6. I love love LOVE seeing the book in your possession! And I just love how colorful your blog makes my book. Yay! Thanks for sharing it with your readers!

    I’ve used InDesign for about 15 years now. It’s my FAVE program. It does help to take a course on it though if you’re unfamiliar with it. But you’ll learn tricks and be like OMG you can DO that that easily?!

    Nicole’s Classes offers an InDesign class. I’ve never taken it but I did enjoy her Illustrator patterns class! http://nicolesclasses.com/portfolio/indesign-101

    • Patty Palmer says:

      Oh, Melissa. You created an AMAZING resource. This is by far the best blog design book out there. I’m doing a talk on Blogging for Art Teachers at an art convention in November. I’ll be bringing this book and recommending it too!

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