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I live in sunny Santa Barbara but I still call Prince Edward Island home

I have three kids: two boys in college and one girl in high school.

Neil, my husband of 22 years, is amazing.

He works full time as a computer engineer but handles customer support, codes my site and keeps everything up and running in his spare time.

Deep Space Sparkle is the name of a crayon color. Isn’t it fun?

My goal is to make every child that steps into my art room a HAPPY KID

I love creating art lessons; developing cool techniques, implementing standards in a fun way and judging how well a child responds to the process.

Their reactions are my guide.

I create lessons for my students but write up lessons for you; the art teacher, classroom teacher, home-school parent, volunteer and all those art-lovin’ grandmas out there.

This site is for everyone who loves kids art and wants–in some way–to encourage a child to find his source of creativity.

Deep Space Sparkle has lots, and I mean lots of artsy stuff.

Here are a few general categories to help you get started….





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About Patty

Welcome to DSS. I'm an art teacher to 400 elementary kids in Goleta, California. This is where you will find a library of art lessons, handy PDF lesson plans and resources to make teaching art to kids a whole lot easier.
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