About Patty Palmer and Deep Space Sparkle

Hi there. I’m Patty. I’m an art teacher in Goleta, California.

Teaching art to kids can be a messy experience…and overwhelming.

Deep Space Sparkle is my collection of art lesson plans, videos and resources that are designed to help you be the Art Queen in your home or school. I love creating art lessons, developing cool techniques, implementing standards in a fun way and judging how well a child responds to the process. Their reactions are my guide.

My goal is to make every child that steps into an art room a HAPPY KID

My Art Library contains hundreds of free art lesson ideas and resources to help you navigate the best art supplies, tips for managing a classroom and tips for teaching a lesson.

My Shop contains classroom-tested K-6 art lesson plans and videos that you can purchase and download immediately. These lessons go beyond coloring pages and dive into the world of art-making with fun, creative projects that will delight your kids. I write about the process and show the results to you; the art teacher, classroom teacher, home-school parent, volunteer and all those art-lovin’ grandmas out there.

Deep Space Sparkle has lots, and I mean lots of artsy stuff. Here are a few general categories to help you get started….






Thanks for visiting! I hope you find some useful art lessons and inspirations,


About Patty

I teach art to 400 school children in Goleta, California. My art library contains hundreds of free art lesson ideas. My shop has art lesson plans, videos and resources to help you teach art to kids. It's a whole lot easier with Deep Space Sparkle.

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