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I’m Patty. I teach art to 400 creative kids in Goleta, California.

I began Deep Space Sparkle in 2008 with the intention of sharing pictures of my student’s art work with the school community. It wasn’t long before art teachers found their way to my site, asked questions and encouraged me to keep on sharing.

Today, Deep Space Sparkle has expanded into an online art school, offering art training through e-courses and offering lesson plans on everything from how-to-draw cows to great works of art. The cornerstone of everything I do on the site is based on my interactions and experiences with students. I believe it helps to explain exactly what I’ve said— and not said— when explaining a lesson process to another adult. I show how children work through a project by photographing the process. The results go a long way in gauging how well a lesson will translate in a classroom or a home-study.

I’m here to help you: the busy art teacher, the classroom teacher who knows the importance of integrating art, the home-school parent, art volunteer and all those art lovin’ grandmas out there.

This site is for you.


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Deep Space Sparkle is my collection of art lesson plans, videos and resources that are designed to help you be the Art Queen in your home or school. I love creating lessons, developing cool techniques, implementing standards in a fun way and judging how well a child responds to the process. Their reactions are my guide.

Teaching art to kids can be a messy experience…and overwhelming. My job is to help you wade through the mystery of teaching so you can enjoy the process and have fun–just like the kids.

What You’ll Find Here:

My Art Library contains hundreds of free art lesson ideas and resources to help you navigate the best art supplies, tips for managing a classroom and teaching philosophies.

My Shop contains classroom-tested K-6 art lesson plans and videos that you can purchase and download immediately. These lessons go beyond coloring pages and dive into the world of art-making with fun, creative projects that will delight your kids. I write about the process and show the results to you;

Deep Space Sparkle has lots, and I mean lots of artsy stuff. Here are a few general categories to help you get started….






Neil and I make up the entire Deep Space Sparkle team.

Neil is a computer software engineer and works as a director for a large company. He’s a busy man but takes care of the technical stuff on our site. He answers every single customer support email and helps all of our wonderful readers download, access and navigate our content.

I couldn’t do it without him.

We’ve been married for 23 years and have three kids. Our two boys are attending university in San Diego (SDSU and UCSD) and our girl is a sophomore in high school. We love our life in Santa Barbara but yearn for our east coast home in Prince Edward Island. We have a little cottage by the sea and visit our Canadian families every summer.

Did I say how happy I am that you are here?

Patty ( & Neil!)

About Patty

I teach art to 400 school children in Goleta, California. My art library contains hundreds of free art lesson ideas. My shop has art lesson plans, videos and resources to help you teach art to kids. It's a whole lot easier with Deep Space Sparkle.

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