Video Art Lessons


By the time children are in fifth grade, their ability to stay focused on art projects is good. Usually art time can be increased to satisfy their desire to work a little harder on smaller details. In lieu of reading books to this age group, bringing out visuals and telling a great story about an artist or a particular subject is far more engaging. Fifth graders have self-identified who is “good at art” and who isn’t.  Often they are very hard on their artwork, so be very careful when complimenting their work. If you think it’s great, be able to back it up with specific details otherwise, a child won’t trust your opinions.


  • Love learning new drawing and painting skills that help them make their artwork realistic.
  • Children at this age will still draw very small when using a pencil, so only use pencils when a drawing needs a basic outline.
  • Enjoy detailed cutting projects that involve a variety of mediums.
  • Kids are ready to move beyond tempera paints to acrylics.