Video Art Lessons

How to Access the Program


Art School for Kids is a bit different from regular DSS PDF files and e-courses. There is nothing to download or receive. Once you pay for your preferred grade level, you are immediately granted access to the paid, members-only content. Here’s what to do:

  • Go to and click Art School for Kids in the menu bar OR go directly to Art School for Kids.
  • Make sure you are logged into your account. Everyone who has purchased Art School for Kids entered a password and email into our system when you made the purchase. That’s your login information.  Click on the RED CIRCLE icon in the upper right hand corner of the website to enter your email and password.
  •  Select the grade level you purchased by going to the menu bar and clicking on K-6 Lessons
  • To access the teacher training, click ART SCHOOL FOR ADULTS and proceed to the page to see your lesson options
  • Everyone who purchases a grade level or the one school or multiple school options can view the Art School for Adults e-course.


The videos are embedded in the lesson posts. Once you access the members-only site by using your login information you can access the grade level lessons you purchased. Click on grade level in the menu bar, then the lesson. Once inside the lesson, the video can be watched embedded in the lesson or non-embedded (which means the video is the only thing shown in your browser). The videos can also be downloaded to your computer and saved for off-line viewing.


Art School for Kids is an online art curriculum. No part of the program is a physical product. If you wish to play the videos via DVD, you can download the videos to your computer and then burn to a DVD. Please be mindful of your licensing agreement and use the DVD’s appropriately.


When creating the videos, the design team created moments when the teacher can pause the lessons after major steps. For instance, once the drawing instruction is shown on the video, the teacher can pause the video so the students can take a turn at drawing.


No matter how well we design the program, there will always be glitches. Neil is a computer engineer and knows technology very well. If you have a question, please use the SUPPORT contact page (available in the menu bar) to ask Neil a question.