Colorwheel Clowns


Second grade is perfect grade level to introduce primary and secondary color mixing plus creating tints. It’s the tint factor that creates the WOW in this painting lesson as it takes color mixing to a whole new level for seven and eight year olds. For this lesson you’ll need: 12″ x 18″ white sulphite/construction paper Liquid Tempera Paints (blue, yellow, red and white Black oil pastel CLICK to download information … Read More →

Art & Literature: Engaging Your Audience the Artful Way


Last June I spoke to a wonderful group of children’s book authors and Illustrators about how to create art activities or lesson plans for their books. It was such a great time for me as I have known many of the authors and illustrators for years. In my former quest as a middle grade novelist, I went to many SCBWI events, nationally and regionally. I can only say this about … Read More →

Pinch Pot Animals for Kinder and First Grade

How to make pinch pot animals with little ones by Deep Space Sparkle

At the request of one of my Kinder teachers (who showed me a very cute ceramic cat and bird inspiration piece), I created a seemingly simple pinch pot lesson for my 3 Kinder Classes. My goal was to teach a basic clay pinch pot to my Kinders but create three different animals: a cat, a bird and a mouse. Here are the two inspiration pieces… Pretty cute, right? I thought … Read More →

Easy Tissue Paper Art Project

Easy tissue paper art project

Sometimes I need a make-up day for my students to complete unfinished projects. Sounds great but there is always a group of kids whose portfolios contain all finished pieces. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an entire class of these kids? It’s not likely, so for them I like to offer a project that moves beyond typical free-choice art and allows them to create a simple art project that still … Read More →

Horace Pippin Imagination Drawings

Horace Pippin Imagination Drawings

A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin is a beautifully illustrated and written book about American self-taught painter, Horace Pippin. It’s what I call a perfect “art class” book as the story is riveting enough for older readers (in my case, 5th graders) and the illustrations are simply inspiring. My goal with this lesson was to teach my 5th graders about a relatively unknown American painter … Read More →

What to do with Early Finishers

What to do with early finishers in the art room

It’s funny how questions come in waves. I just received this question from a reader and within a week, I had two similar questions in my inbox. I guess there are some antsy kiddo’s in the art room this time of year! Here’s the question: Does this sound familiar? I know it does because every teacher experiences this no matter what subject they teach. Children are different and they respond … Read More →

Art Show Guidebook


I’ve been waiting to put this puppy together for years now and something always got in the way. But with art show season upon us, I was eager to share my twelve years of art show experience with you all. Creating this 38-page guidebook was pure joy because although art shows can be incredibly taxing, nothing is more well-received by children, parents and teachers. Think about it, is there anything … Read More →