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2015 Deep Space Sparkle Reader Survey

2015 marks my seventh full year of creating content for Deep Space Sparkle. As many of you know, I started out posting some pretty random stuff; art lessons, a few art supply reviews and some pictures of my students. I never really had a plan. It wasn’t until around 2013 that I really began to focus on creating intentional content. The stuff you asked me for and the stuff I … Read More →

3 Techniques to Try with Tempera Paint

3 techniques you should try with your next tempera paint project

When it comes to painting techniques, most of us think about using watercolor paints. There is just so much you can do with these watery paints: resist, wet-on-wet, salting, etc. But if you use liquid tempera paint for most of your art projects, you may not know that these paints can transform into extraordinary textures. Here are my 3 favorite techniques to use with liquid tempera paint: DOUBLE-LOADING This is my absolute favorite tempera paint … Read More →

Colorful Painted Owl Art Project

Teach your kids how to draw and paint a cute, colorful owl. Owl art project for kids.

I’ve been playing around with this lesson for a while now. I created this free owl drawing guide and have been taking advantage of it. My third graders used the handout to create a marker and watercolor painting but for my Kinders, I wanted to keep the choices to a minimum. I decided to use yellow chalk to draw the owl (keep on reading to learn why this isn’t the best choice) … Read More →

Art Tip Video: Using Markers in the Art Room

My best marker tips for the art room including the paper I use and how to get kids to color thoroughly.

Using markers in the art room is by far one of the easiest mediums to prep for. I love how easy it is to set out trays then put them back into my marker drawer in less than a few minutes. No washing or sorting required.  But sometimes an art project colored with markers can look, well…you know…messy. Teaching kids how to color with markers has been a one of my goals this … Read More →

The Business Of Creative Blogging


My inbox is full of people asking for business advice. Things like how to set up a home-based art business to making PDF lesson plans to increasing blog traffic and even when to pay taxes. It seems people are looking for creative ways to make a little extra each month and need specific information to get them moving in the right direction. I’m happy to give you any advice I can. Deep Space Sparkle has evolved … Read More →

Happy Birthday, George Rodrigue!


A Little History… George Rodrigue was born on March 13, 1944 in Louisiana. While bed ridden with Polio in the third grade, George began painting. This is interesting as this is how Matisse began his love of art. In the 1990’s, George became famous for his Blue Dog Paintings. Blue Dog was the result of illustrating a book of Cajun ghost stories. While researching a “Cajun werewolf dog” or loup-garou, George invented … Read More →

Henri Matisse Purple Robe Mixed-Media

Henri Matisse’s Purple Robe with Anemones mixed-media art project for kids.

Henri Matisse may be best known for his colorful cut-outs, but I love his paintings. Purple Robe with Anemones is bright, colorful, fluid and offers a high interest level for kids. There is so much to look at: the colors, patterns, textures, etchings and perspective. I created a Purple Robe with Anemones Lesson for my Modern Masters Art Project PDF a few years ago. My students used oil pastel and tempera paint to … Read More →

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