Chinese Dragon Painting

Learn how to draw and paint a Chinese dragon.

I love Chinese Dragons and so do my students. Every kid from 3rd grade all the way up to 6th grade enjoys drawing this mythical figure. Some kids keep it real simple while others spend hours on the details. This lesson plan will offer you the full lesson technique for 4th grade and then explain how to scale the lesson down to 3rd and up to 5th and 6th. There … Read More →

Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli Art Project


Barbara Jean Hicks is a beloved children’s book author from Port Hueneme, California. If you visit Barbara’s website, you’ll discover that she is not only a writer, but a lover of cats! I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Barbara recently and as a tribute to her adorable book Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli my first graders created some very hungry monsters (full lesson tutorial below). Patty: I love to read picture books to … Read More →

Painted Dinosaur Art Project

Polkadot dinosaur

Drawing a dinosaur takes center stage in this art lesson. Students sit up and listen as all are eager to learn how to draw their favorite subject. After the drawing, students use brightly colored tempera paints to complete their artwork. Art Lesson Set Up You won’t need any fancy supplies here, just some paper, oil pastels and tempera paint. Lately, I’ve been favoring a “tub” approach to setting out paints. I … Read More →

Rompin’ Dinos!

dancing dino

This is a lesson I did last year with my third grade students. It’s featured in my PDF Art Booklet “Art & Literature”. My second grade students are studying dinosaurs right now and even though I created a new dino lesson for them (featured later this week), I wanted to show you these cute little dancing numbers. Drawing Handouts and full lesson tutorials available in my “Art & Literature” PDF. … Read More →



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