Art Show Guidebook


I’ve been waiting to put this puppy together for years now and something always got in the way. But with art show season upon us, I was eager to share my twelve years of art show experience with you all. Creating this 38-page guidebook was pure joy because although art shows can be incredibly taxing, nothing is more well-received by children, parents and teachers. Think about it, is there anything … Read More →

Art Show 2013

DSS Art Show 2013

    This year’s art show will be unveiled tonight. I won’t be there. I’ll be watching my son do his thing in Ventura at a track meet. I’ll miss the excitement as the kids search for their piece of art. Pictures will be taken and parents will ask good art questions. These moments will be brief as the families rush off to visit classrooms, buy books at the book … Read More →

Art Show 2012


To my wonderful students, Look at what you have achieved! You have learned about color and composition, line and shape, tempera and watercolor, tint and shade, clay and paper, O’Keeffe and Van Gogh, Matisse and Klee. Are you tired yet?  You tune your curiosity and creativity to the highest levels; your keen attention and your willingness to learn is motivating. Thank you for your efforts as they are appreciated by … Read More →

Art Show Volunteers

how to recruit volunteers for your next art show

Art Show season is upon us and according to my last post on prepping for an art show, every art teacher has a different approach to their particular show. Some do it alone, mounting artwork for weeks and weeks and others scramble at the last minute and hope for the best! There is no best way, but I can’t help but think: Do you want help but don’t know how … Read More →



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Welcome to DSS. I'm an art teacher to 400 elementary kids in Goleta, California. This is where you will find a library of art lessons, handy PDF lesson plans and resources to make teaching art to kids a whole lot easier.
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