Watercolor Leaves Resist Project


A simple, yet lovely art lesson that builds upon the principles of watercolor applications. My fifth grade students used liquid watercolor paints, “black” glue (white school glue mixed with black paint) and 9″ x 12″ 90 lb watercolor paper and a bit of table salt to achieve this lovely project. To start, the students drew leaves onto their watercolor paper with a pencil. They used light strokes and tried to … Read More →

Under-the-Sea Chalk and Glue Drawings


I discovered this lesson while browsing through the Artsonia site recently. Gulf Elementary in Cape Coral, Florida displayed this beautiful Under-the-Sea chalk art on their school page. Although no lesson plans accompanied the piece, I experimented and came up with my own. I used this lesson for fourth grade students, but could be used for a fifth and sixth as well. For younger grades, use an easier subject matter (maybe … Read More →

“Fancy Cats” Art Lesson in Chalk and Glue

cat chalk art

A classic glue and chalk pastel lesson. Using a 12″ x 18″ sheet of white or black construction paper, instruct the kids (directed art) how to draw a cat. You can come up with your own version. I encourage the kids to follow the directions in this lessons as problems arise if the kids don’t draw the cat big enough. The fun part is the glue. After the kids draw … Read More →

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