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Teaching the Masters: Art Lesson Round-up

Need an art lesson based on one of the great art masters? Here is a list of over 2 dozen art projects for kids.

Looking for a lesson on the Masters? Here’s a directory of my art lessons from the past ten years featuring the great artists. Click on the BOLD type to be directed to the lesson.

Cezanne: Still-Life in Chalk and Tempera Paint for upper grades

Chagall: Marc Chagall’s “Drawing a Dream” 

Kahlo: Frida Kahlo Portrait

Klee: Paul Klee Buildings in pen and watercolors for upper grades, Paul Klee’s Cat and Bird in chalk and oil pastel for younger grades

Klimt: Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life in tempera paint, Klimt Multi-Media Ladies for upper grade

Matisse: Matisse Goldfish in tempera paint, Matisse’s Purple Robe and Anemones, Matisse Paper Cut Dancers, Matisse-inspired painted self-portraits for upper grades, Matisse-inspired oil pastel portraits for lower grades, Matisse-inspired paper cut name panels

Miro: Painted Miro art lesson for upper grades, Miro line drawings in marker

Monet: Monet’s waterlilies for younger grades, Monet’s Tulip Fields in Holland multi-media art lesson, Monet’s Magpie Winter-scape art lesson

O’Keeffe: Graphic Flowers in watercolor

Picasso: Cubist Animals for lower grades, Easy Picasso faces in watercolor, Portrait of Dora Maar tempera painting art lesson, Oil Pastel Picasso Portraits, Primary Picasso Portrait Collage

Rouault: Rouault Royals art lesson for upper grade, Rouault Still-Life

Rivera: Diego Rivera’s Mothers Helper art lesson in chalk pastel, Rivera’s The Flower Gatherers Art lesson

Van Gogh: Oil Pastel resist landscape fro younger grades, Van Gogh’s Irises Tempera painting, Van Gogh Sunflowers in oil Pastels here and here, Landscape with chalk pastels and paint, City at Night paper and paint art lesson, Van Gogh Flowers in tempera paint, Starry Night


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I love having all of these lesson links on one page. I wish I had time to do ALL of your projects! It’s so hard to pick and choose. I’m always thinking “maybe next year…”

    Michelle Gifford

    April 22, 2013

  2. Thank you so much for these ideas. I did the Klee yesterday with my 1 & 2nd graders and the Matisse fish with my 3rd and 4th grade. So far they they are doing great. Im used to HIgh schoolers and got transfered this year to elementary. Its been wild trying to figure out what to do with little kids. Your information and lessons save my sanity!! Thank you.


    April 25, 2013

    • You are welcome! Glad the lessons worked out well.

      Patty Palmer

      April 25, 2013

  3. You have a very non-threatening approach to teaching art to children. An approach that communicates that there are no mistakes and to keep on at it! I appreciate all the resources you provide on your blog. I am currently reading a book entitled, “How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci” by Michael J. Gelb and not only does it encourage one to look at everyday things from different perspectives, it also allows one to let go of the fear and judgment. Keep on what you are doing, you are an asset to the art community of teachers!


    August 30, 2013

  4. Patty, should I be getting The Masters Art Lessons for Children or Modern Masters 4-6?? What is the difference? Or should I be getting both is there any duplication?


    January 22, 2014

    • This post (The Masters: Art lessons for Children) is just a round-up of all the lesson (free and paid) that I have done featuring the masters. It’s a reference post only.
      If you would like to purchase an extensive lesson plan featuring the masters, I have a couple and one of them is Modern Masters for grades 4-6.
      Here’s a link: http://www.deepspacesparkle.com/shop/modern-masters-4-6/
      If you teach lower grades, I have a few more.

      Patty Palmer

      January 22, 2014

  5. How I can buy it? It’s possible on line?


    October 5, 2014

    • This post is a directory of all the art lessons I have done on the masters. Someday I might have to compile them. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Patty Palmer

      October 6, 2014

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