Free 2017 Art Calendar + Lesson Planner for art teachers

Happy New Year to you all!

My favorite part of the entire year is the sweet spot between Christmas and New Year. It’s my time to reflect and plan.

I LOVE planning and although my great intentions don’t always pan out, they serve as a guide for me to follow.

I created this Art Calendar years ago because I needed a quick glance at the special events, artist’s birthdays and special projects that I wanted to consider when creating my art curriculum. I had a lot of flexibility in the type of lessons I taught but keeping in sync with the school calendar was important.



  • US and Canadian Holidays
  • Artist Birthdays
  • Lesson Suggestions (with links to free posts)
  • Art Project Idea Page
  • Monthly Project Idea Chart


When I was teaching, I liked to photocopy the art calendar onto card stock and place in my Planner Binder. Every month, I would look forward to the next month to see what celebrations or artist birthdays I could incorporate. I didn’t try to celebrate every artist’s birthday or even do an art project for every celebration, but the calendar allowed me to see if it was possible.

Because I worked in rotations, not every class or grade level would have the opportunity to celebrate special holidays. So if my second and third graders created holiday projects in December but my Fourth and Fifth graders weren’t scheduled until January, I made sure to plan Valentine’s Day projects for them. This was just a peculiarity of my schedule but the calendar really helped me see what was coming.


Click the image below to access your FREE 2017 Art Calendar. I really hope that it is useful to you. If it is, I’d love to hear how you are using the calendar. You can share your photo’s in the Deep Space Sparkle Facebook Page. Join HERE.

Enjoy your calendar and have an awesome + bright 2017!


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  • Donna

    Thank you

  • Lakhina

    So excited to see what is in store!

  • Hayley

    Hello. How can I download a copy of the 2019 Art Calendar? My daughter received one from her teacher, and my younger daughter would like me to get a copy for her as well. I can only find the 2017 calendar on your website. Thank you!

  • abby bessett

    thank you

  • Jill Pecora

    did you do a 2020 2021 calendar ??

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