Modern Masters Art Lesson Plans

Modern Masters introduces children to the wonderful world of Van Gogh, Cézanne, Chagall and Matisse. Using  famous paintings to understand the artist’s styles, children reproduce their own paintings. These lessons... Learn More

Art Booklet Updates

I’ve been a bad girl. Now don’t go thinking the wrong thing, I only meant that I made a few promises that I can’t honor (at least not in the... Learn More

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American Indian Art Lesson Plans

Learning how art impacts every culture and civilization in the world is an important part of any art curriculum. I remember learning about Canada’s native population in second grade. Making... Learn More


Ceramic Mural Project Plan

Ceramic murals or clay projects are truly one of the most cherished of all creative keepsakes in elementary school. And for good reason. Those treasured plaques, handprints and pumpkins are... Learn More

Drawing Animals Art Lesson Plans

Drawing Animals is a 17-page art booklet designed for grades one through six. The booklet includes how-to-draw handouts, full-photo tutorials and student galleries. Lessons Include: Dancing Cows is inspired by... Learn More

Fun with Portraits Art Lesson Plans

The quintessential art lesson for elementary school: self-portraits! This 24-page lesson plan booklet includes six easy portrait ideas. Easy-to-follow steps, supply lists, full-color photo-tutorials, original Deep Space Sparkle handouts and student... Learn More

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