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Quilt Projects for School Auctions

Quilt Projects for School Auctions

By on Feb 9, 2011 | 3 comments

I received a question today that might be relevant to many of you… Dear Patty, First, thank you so much for your inspirational blog. I have a love and passion for experiencing art with 4 and 5 year olds and have the honor of teaching twice a week at my daughter’s school. Your website has been a blessing to me and we have had lots of fun creating some of your ideas. I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me. Our school is hosting a silent auction fundraiser and they have asked me to make two quilts for the auction. I have two kits from Oriental Trading Co that include 24 white cotton squares each. Do you have any suggestions? I am hesitant to use fabric markers and paint because of the expense of those materials. Thanks so much, Angie Topliss   Hi Angie, Many of us are in the throws of creating projects of some form or another to raffle, sell or auction off. Quilts tend to be popular with anyone who has some sewing experience. Before you embark on a quilt project, think about the scale of the school auction. It doesn’t make sense to put a lot of time and effort into a quilt if it is only going to sell for $50. If you feel your school auction might fit into that category,  and you still want to make a quilt, then the cheapest way is by using fabric paint or markers. Both are fairly inexpensive. If fabric markers are too expensive (like you indicated in your letter) try Sharpie Brand waterproof permanent markers. Here’s the trick: Pick a theme for the quilt (flowers, or alphabet, portraits, etc) and keep color choices to a minimum. Use monochromatic colors such as blue, turquoise and periwinkle. Limiting colors will eliminate the randomness that is often seen with these types of quilts. You could also use finger art. Dip children’s fingers in paint and place fingerprint on fabric. There are lots of books out there devoted to fingerprint art. This might be a good choice for the age you are working with. Remember, children can add the fingerprints, but parents can finish up the drawing by adding tiny...

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