How to Make a Paper Lantern

I was curious how to make paper lanterns for a while now. I’ve seen some pretty cute ones on Pinterest but was having a hard time sourcing directions that would... Learn More


Picasso’s Rose-Period Woven Hearts

My students focus on a weaving project in second grade and by the time the unit rolls around, it’s usually very close to Valentine’s Day. We were studying Picasso and so it made... Learn More




Valentine’s Day Art Projects and Resource Round-up

Need a quick lesson idea for Valentine’s Day Art Projects? I’ve been pinning like crazy to my Valentine Pinterest Board because I absolutely love Valentine’s Day art projects. All those red... Learn More

Watercolor & Paper Bouquets

Here is a simple art lesson that combines a watercolor and oil pastel resist with creating shapes with paper and scissors. We created these paper bouquets in January so colors... Learn More




Chinese Dragon Painting

I love Chinese Dragons and so do my students. Every kid from 3rd grade all the way up to 6th grade enjoys drawing this mythical figure. Some kids keep it... Learn More


Mosaic Hearts Art Lesson

MOSAIC HEARTS ART LESSON Sometimes an art project is inspired by the strangest of things. In this case, a sparkly roll of craft tape. A soon as I saw these... Learn More


Valentine’s Day Heart Project

Pointillism and Valentine’s Day collides with this easy, abstract art lesson for third grade kids. SUPPLIES: 12″ x 18″ sulphite paper Q-tips Tempera paints (purple, red, white and metallic colors)... Learn More


Book Review: The Shape of my Heart

I went to my local Indie bookstore a while back searching for a book to tie-in with my Valentine’s Day themed art lessons. I gravitated towards the sea of pink... Learn More

Painted Paper Hearts Art Project

Laura at Painted Paper is my go-to source for inspiration. No one can teach color theory like she can! So when I saw her Picasso-Inspired Hearts, I knew I had... Learn More


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