Ceramic Dragons

Fifth Graders at Mountain View sculpted these dragons from a single slab of clay. It might be a good idea to have kids draw a dragon first, but this class didn’t. I drew a few dragons on the whiteboard and imposed requirements such as all dragons must have at least one head, tail and legs. Other than that, they were free to choose how their sculpted dragons should look.

By pulling an oval slab of clay into a head and legs, they were able to create the main body. To add the wings, many students chose to attach flattened pieces of clay using the “Scratch Attach” method. (Score both pieces, then dampen with water).


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  • Casey


    These dragons are great. With the single slab of clay do you have the kids hollow them out at all? If not how thick and long do you allow these to dry before firing.


    • Patty Palmer

      Hi Casey,
      No, these don’t have to be hollowed out. Generally, anything thicker than a thumb is fine in the kiln. I do like to poke holes in areas where they won’t be seen just to provide some breathing room for the clay.

  • kym_mcandrew@rok.catholic.edu.au

    Hi Patty,

    What type of clay do you use for these (does it need to be a certain thickness)? And do you seal them with something before you paint them?

    • Patty Palmer

      Hi Kym,
      These are made with kiln fire clay and I follow a 2 fire sequence: build the clay/dry/fire to Cone 05/paint with underglaze/coat with glaze/fire to Cone 06.
      You could make these with air dry clay (I like laguna air dry clay) and use any type of paint to finish. I’ve tried glossy paints like acrylics but I like regular tempera paint with a coat of Mod Podge.

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