Testimonials from the Teaching Art 101 and Beyond the Basics[quote] A wonderful course from a wonderful Art teacher! Very useful and hands- on information! Also, a very organized and fun way to learn Art! Well worth your time and money. Thanks Patty~ you are an Art inspiration! –Kim , Texas [/quote]Thank you for giving us such a wonderful artistic experience this summer. We absolutely love your course, the best parts are the videos and the feedbacks on the flickr site. Your suggested projects are easily created and render such satisfying results. Your expertise and experience are shown through your teaching. My kids and I have been learning and creating your lessons at home…I have also implemented some of your teaching in my homeschool art class. I feel good about having more organization in my teaching and that gives me more confidence. – Ying-ya, California

[quote] I have always loved Patty’s Blog and lessons but I just feel so inspired and motivated after doing this e-course. I really learnt a lot and found amazing tips that I would never have thought of. I am so sad it is over and will definitely do another one. We go back to school tomorrow and I cannot wait to use all my new lessons and tips in the classroom. Thank you Patty – you are awesome! –Jenny, South Africa [/quote]
I have taken both of Patty’s online classes, and I have loved both of them! I have learned so many techniques to help the children love art! I have a degree in elementary education, but I was asked to teach art for K- 6 at my children’s school. With Patty’s help, I have been very successful. More importantly, the children have been successful!! I have used many projects from her blog, her store, and the first online class. Now I am so excited to try so many new techniques and project from her second class.. Her methods of teaching make the projects manageable. She has figured out the loopholes, and she has great suggestions within her plans. When I use her projects, I know the children will be pleased with the results. I love how she teaches the techniques yet the children are able to use their own creativity. I highly recommend these classes from Patty! I hope there are more classes in the future! – Rosanne from Utah

[quote style=”boxed”] When I saw that Deep Space Sparkle was doing an e-course I knew that I definitely wanted to be a part of it. The blog has been such an inspiration to me as a beginning teacher. The course was everything I hoped it would be and more! The posts were very thorough, and the videos made each project very easy to follow. The course was jam packed with useful information for art teachers and any teacher who wants to incorporate more art into their instruction. I filled a 2″ binder with so many amazing lessons, ideas, and examples during this course. It was worth every penny, and I would definitely encourage anyone who loves the blog to take part in this e-course. Thank you so much Patty! I can’t wait to use all of the things I learned during this course next year! – Ashley, North Carolina [/quote]

I want you to know that since I took your online training for art teachers, my art after school program for 4th grade kids has flourished. I am a volunteer Foster Grandparent and an artist. I’ve found that the projects included in the training are successful and the kids have enjoyed each one. Now, I give instruction with confidence – and the kids respond. No more fear of making mistakes! Hooray! I love teaching this after school program. I may even start a summer class for our city recreation dept. using your curriculum. With many many thanks for making your program so available. – Sheila from Utah

Thank you, Patty. All of the lessons and videos were fabulous and so helpful! You are a wonderful, dedicated art teacher. I am thrilled that art is surviving the many changes and testing requirements of public education. I was a former junior high and high school art teacher who married 32 years ago and had to change my teaching career to kindergarten and first grade during that time. Now, 33 years later, I have returned to my original all-level art education degree and am teaching K-5 in a small district in Texas. It will be such fun to incorporate your fantastic ideas with what I have been doing. Thank you for sharing your skills and lessons. I feel so blessed!  I look forward to future classes.- Lora

[quote float=”left”] I absolutely enjoyed the course and I can not wait for school to start so I can implement all the ideas and lessons I learned. Patty was very informative and knowledgeable and showed her love for her job through the lessons taught. I would definitely take her course again if it offers different lessons. Thank you Patty! – Barbara, New York [/quote]

I am so tickled that I took this wonderful e-course! For years, I have been oogling your fabulous website late at night, wishing I could glean more from your fabulous gifts you so generously bless us with. When you offered this, I was hoping it would be a little more than what we were getting on your website and also the $5 packets.Boy oh boy, you sure DELIVERED!! The videos alone are worth the money, to see you working up close and be able to hear you share a technique here and there and especially a story of encouragement was worth every penny. I especially liked when you would say something like, “Don’t worry if you have a few students do it like this(and you would show a simple mistake they might make) because you can always direct them to just do this… ” I loved that because I always have a few kids that do something completely backwards and I wonder what I was doing wrong in my instruction. I loved that you show us your messes and mistakes and not “pretty it up” for us. – Robin, California

This e-course was amazing! It was packed full of useful tips on art supplies, classroom organization and management, as well as inspirations for lessons and motivations for teaching. Patty’s enthusiasm for teaching art comes through in the many video demonstrations, her detailed lesson plans and the encouraging comments she adds to the homework assignments that get posted on a group Flicker page. Patty established a very comfortable interactive atmosphere, where students could ask questions, initiate their own forum topics, and comment on each others homework postings. The course was designed so that students could work at their own pace, and print or save the materials for their own curriculum. This was a great course to take over the summer, as it leaves you totally inspired for the upcoming school year! Thank you Patty! – Jennifer, California

This has been the most wonderful experience. I have valued your PDF art lessons for a long while. The course bought these to life for me, and I found so many valuable teaching hints and tools embedded in your videos.I look forward to trying out all of your ideas in the classroom.-Nikki from NSW Australia

[quote float=”right”] After taking this e-course I see how great and interesting art lessons can be. Children can enjoy beautiful ideas with basic equipment and materials. The e-course was loaded with a lot of helpful information. Thank you for your effort and for sharing your knowledge with others. – Maria from Slovakia[/quote]

I am a new art teacher, although I am not new to the field of education. I wanted to get some practical ideas for setting up my art room and some lessons that are not too difficult but produce great results. I have not been disappointed. Plus, the student population for this course is international and incredibly experienced. I learned almost as much from the other teachers as I did from Patty. It was a great course and I look forward to the next course next year. Virginia from Virginia

[quote] I would like to send my gratitude to Patty for setting up this wonderful e-course! It has been amazing and I am so inspired to start the new school year! My own children and I have been busy painting and testing all your class ideas every day of the summer now and we have been loving it. This is one of the most inspiring courses I have taken and I am so thankful for all the work Patty must have put into preparing for it.- Catherine from Sweden [/quote]

I want to thank you for such a fantastic experience!  The videos in your class really helped me take it to the next level and really see how to teach art. I am an elementary school teacher, but I did not have an art minor. I am like many in the class, and I just ended up teaching art. I feel like I have my dream job, and I truly thank you for your help. Your work and your blog are really benefitting so many people and their creativity. – Roseanne

The Deep Space Sparkle e-course was a personal learning experience that delivered techniques and materails that are highly useful in an elementary Art classroom. Patty provides a high quality course filled to the brim with ideas, feedback and techniques. I would gladly take another e-course! Sign me up! Lori Ward from New Brunswick, Canada

I am a very experienced classroom teacher but a relatively new art teacher. I am not an artist, so this course was just right for me! I appreciated the exciting lessons that I can readily use with my students. The organizational ideas and information on the different techniques and mediums were all so helpful! Thanks, Patty, for sharing your knowledge with us! Margaret from Louisiana

Patty, this class was fabulous. You included way more material than I have ever experienced in an online class before. Your instructions both written word or spoken in the videos were clear, understandable and easy to follow. The organisation of class materials, the presentation and timing were just outstanding. You thought of everything and I believe you anticipated the needs of every kind of student who might sign up. You have set the bar pretty high for this kind of class and I am so glad that I was able to participate. I have inspiration, knowledge and even more enthusiasm for bringing art to my students and enriching their learning. I am looking forward to further classes from you. Thank you. –Karen from Saskatoon, Canada

[quote style=”boxed”] This is one of the best art related courses that I have taken so far. It is packed with lots of information and learning. I recommend it to anyone who loves kids and wants to teach them art. Melaine from Pakistan [/quote]

What a great and much needed opportunity… a time to refocus as an art teacher and remember the calling. I have recaptured an excitement for teaching that had almost flickered out in the daily grind. Art must never get dull for the sake of grades or fitting into a new box. Our mission is to fan the flam of creativity the excitement surrounding it. If not us, who? Thank you, Patty, for blazing a most fantastic trail for those of who teach art and it’s creative spirit. It feels good to know we are not lone rangers! Paulette from Daytona Beach, Florida

I love Deep Space Sparkle and loved taking the art class online. It is easy to follow and the PDF print-outs will come in handy in the coming months as well as year to year. I am older (age 56) and found almost everything easy to navigate. The knowledge I have gained is, without doubt, a great asset to my curriculum! Thanks. Carol from Chicago, Illinois

[quote] Patty Palmer’s e-course is as fantastically creative and inspirational as her one -of-a-kind blog. The videos alone, in which you get a glimpse of Palmer’s wonderfully calm and encouraging teaching approach, are worth the price of admission. On a scale of 1 to 10, this e-course is an 11. Exceptional value, too. — Daniel from Ontario, Canada [/quote]

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made me feel that even I can teach art. Your lessons are structured to be achievable by children that it really makes them feel proud of what they can produce and for that I thank you for sharing, you’ve made me a better teacher. Diana from Hong Kong

Patty, you are an incredible inspiration. Thank you so much for your passion, your vision, your creativity and for making yourself so available throughout the course. I feel like I know you so well! I have really enjoyed every element of your course and have really appreciated the hands-on component and very practical way you have demonstrated your approach to teaching art. You are an absolute gift to the schools you work at and through your amazing blog and your fabulous e-course your passion reaches into other classrooms all over the world. Incredible. If you’re ever in Sydney, Australia, you are welcome in my art room any time! Thank you SO much and count me in for any further courses you do! Heather  from Sydney, Australia