Kids make painted paper and use templates to create a beautiful Eric Carle inspired butterfly. Easy craft for boys and girls.


Eric Carle Inspired Butterflies

Eric Carle is my inspiration. I love everything his art embodies and I think children do, too.  I create many Eric Carle-inspired art lessons with my lower elementary students.  They are less concerned about making perfect art and tend to let the color and energy of the paintings guide them.

Start with painted paper…

To make these butterflies, you’ll need a large stack of painted paper. Read this post on how to make painted paper if you aren’t sure what to do.

Templates for easy crafting….

These butterflies are created with several templates that I created for my first graders. To find the templates, you can purchase my Eric Carle Inspired Art Lesson Booklet or create your own from card stock.

Creating the painted paper with the children and then creating the templates is the hard stuff. After these are made, children can trace, cut and paste away. I like to use a white piece of paper to mount the butterflies on and use oil pastels to add any extra details.

Kids make painted paper and use templates to create a beautiful Eric Carle inspired butterfly. Easy craft for boys and girls.


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  • donna

    These are great. Do you have any ideas for Brown Bear?


    Patty/Neil- I am having trouble – I want to read some of the full comments, but am at a loss as to what to do with “[…]”…I try to click on it to see more text, but I am not getting it. It might be my operating system- we have plans to upgrade but are currently dealing with Vista. Is there any other elementary answer such as I am clicking when I should be waving a magic wand at it? Otherwise I guess I have to chalk it up to Vista.


    I just bought your circullium. I’m not seeing any templates for the butterflies. I’m also a bit confused as why I have to buy another circullium to do the brown bear…when I just paid for a circullium.

    • Patty Palmer

      The curriculum workbook doesn’t include full length art lesson plans. It is a workbook and guide that allows you to fill in your own lessons or use lessons that I recommend. I link to some lessons I use. Sometimes the lessons are free and sometimes they refer to a lesson that you have to pay for. This of course, is entirely optional. Instead of my Brown Bear lesson that you need to purchase, you can use the Eric Carle Butterflies instead. They both use the same technique. Hope this clears things up.

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