expressive fish art at home with patty for all ages



Expressive Fish | Draw & Paint Along with Patty

This art project is part of the Art at Home | Draw & Paint Along series of Facebook Live video replays.

Painting with black paint on white paper is one of the most expressive forms of art. The stark contrast that the lines make on the white paper allows you to focus on just the shapes, patterns and textures. Using subject with endless shape and line possibilities like fish is one of the best ways I know to waken up our creative souls. 

This project can be done with almost anything: big fat markers, small brushes, big brushes, black paint, ink, and even crayons.

Draw and paint along with Patty in the full video demonstration:

The best part about this project is that it is based on the process and less on the final outcome. Have your child use their black medium of choice to experiment with patterns and various textures: dark and light, thick and thin, curly and straight.


– White drawing paper

– Black watercolor paint, liquid tempera paint or big black marker

Click the yellow button to DOWNLOAD the Expressive Fish drawing guide resource:

Did you try out this lesson? I’d love to see your art!

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  • Sara Pless

    I can not say thank you enough for your art videos. Sadly, as my kiddos get older the artwork slows. I can’t remember the last time they brought something home from school. Now, with all the chaos in the world, one of my daughters is LOVING your video each day. Her art is amazing. And my refrigerator is once again a beautiful space.

    • Hannah

      Sara, this is so nice to hear πŸ’– We’re glad that you get to share that together. Tell her to keep it up!

      -Hannah (Team Sparkle)

  • Grandma Kathy Gray

    I am a 72 year old grandma and previously an elementary and preschool teacher! I have been taking care of my daughter’s 3 children for 11 years while she teaches literacy half-time in public school! Your words and ideas are terrific!

  • Salma kainobusingye

    Hi patty I love deep space sparkle but i don’t know how to get in please send me
    A message to let me get in 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Manya

    I love all your artworks.

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