Piet Mondrian Art Lessons


Last year I wanted to introduce my second and third grade students to Piet Mondrian and figured it would be super easy to find an art lesson based on his abstract compositions.

Not so much.

I found a few lesson ideas but needed to alter them to fit into my time slot. I had really hoped to do the lesson in one class period as so many of my lessons up until that point had covered multiple sessions. This lesson plan package is the result of experimenting with three different techniques and mediums to achieve a cool Mondrian project that incorporated math into an art lesson.


The three projects increase in difficulty so the packet is great for grades 1-4. All three projects use the concepts of horizontal and vertical lines, creating flush edges and color composition. It’s amazing to see how such a simple subject can transform into stunning pieces of art!

To assist all the teachers out there who are adapting the new Visual Art Standards, I also created my own version of an Artist Statement.

Here’s a peek inside my Mondrian Inspired Art Lesson Plan:


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  • 4goldammers@gmail.com

    Everytime I laminate something, I am disgusted with the amount of waste that get thrown in the garbage. When I saw this, I thought …wouldn’t it be nice to do some of this Mondrian art with permanent marker on this wasted material and adhere it to classroom windows. What do you think?

    • Patty Palmer

      Great idea. Never throw out your laminator scraps. The acetate can be used for a variety of projects including mono printing. Love to see your project when it’s done. Good creative thinking!

  • lvsheiman@gmail.com

    I can’t find this anywhere in the Member’s club. What should I search for?

  • greengables32607@gmail.com

    I was hoping to get the Mondrian Lesson in the Member’s Club especially since there is a banner beneath the description saying it is available in the Member’s Club. However, I was curious to find out how much it would be to purchase it, but I couldn’t find it in the Buy section either. Please advise.

  • chcopeland@ecps.k12.nc.us

    I would like to download this lesson. I am a member. Can you send a link to me?

    • Patty

      Hi Sparkler! You have access to all lessons inside The Members Club website. Not everything on the Deep Space Sparkle website is available in the membership (yet!). But you won’t have to wait long…the Mondrain lesson will be available in the ABSTRACT ART bundle released in April. Take a look at the 2017 Curriculum/Bundle guide under RESOURCES in the members area.

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