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Fun with Portraits II Guidebook

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Fun with Portraits II


This is my biggest PDF lesson plan booklet to date and is the result of over 5 years of portrait making. I’ve broken down the secrets of teaching a portrait lesson into THREE TECHNIQUES. Each technique is outlined in the guidebook and when combined with various mediums, makes portrait making easy and doable. Simply pick the technique that is best suited to your grade level, choose your favorite medium and start creating.

The guidebook includes a list of my favorite products (which happen to be basic and inexpensive), a list of my favorite books to read before the portrait lesson and lots of handouts to make the job easier for you.

Portrait making is the quintessential art project for children and is on every standards-based list. Eliminate the guess work of knowing what to expect from each grade level, what supplies are best and how manage the project for quick class turnover.

This packet is great for grade levels: K-6



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Product Description

The 46-page Portrait Guidebook includes:

  • Art Supply List (that everyone can afford!)
  • THREE DSS-Proven How to Draw Portrait Techniques
  • How to Draw Hair for Girls-Handout
  • How to Draw Hair for Boys-Handout (curly and short hair included!)
  • Two Head Templates to make portrait making easy for developing artists
  • How to Draw a Face Guideline
  • Paint Prepping Strategies
  • How to “Draw” with Black paint
  • Crown Template
  • Crown Drawing Guide

The Nine Lessons are:

  • Oil Pastel Portrait
  • Liquid Tempera Paint Portrait
  • Chalk pastel Portrait
  • Mixed-Media Portrait
  • Emotion Portrait
  • Paint & Chalk Portrait
  • Fairy Tale Royals for Lower Grades
  • Kings & Queens for Upper Grades
  • Expressive Portraits featuring artist Fred Babb


  1. :

    Care to review this lesson plan? Did your students enjoy the project? I’d love to hear from you!

  2. (verified owner):

    I have a question……. Does this include a head template?


  3. (verified owner):

    Never mind! I just realized you have head templates in your list of included items. I was too hasty in reading the description. 🙂


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