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Line + Color= Fun!

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This 25-page booklet  contains three art lessons that require only a pen and paper. Have more time? Add a shot of color to create a stunning piece of art. All grade levels will enjoy creating these fun line drawings and with the help of the original drawing handouts, teachers will enjoy the ease of each lesson.

Lesson packet includes Four original Deep Space Sparkle drawing handouts:
St. Basil’s Cathedral Drawing Handout
Folk Art City Drawing Guide
Folk Art City how-to-draw tips
Crazy Critter Drawing Guide & Idea Sheet

This packet is great for grade levels: 1-6

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Russian Architecture: Based upon the architecture of St. Basil’s cathedral, children learn how to draw spires and onion domes using a black marker and paper. Add a simple chalk pastel background or stick with the line drawing. Requires two, one-hour class sessions.

Folk Art City: Introduce the whimsy of folk art to your students with this fun line drawing. Learn cool “tricks” for drawing folk art perspective as well as skyscrapers, cars, houses and trees. Keep as a black and white line drawing or add color using colored pencils and watercolors. Requires three, one-hour classes.

Crazy Critters:Three lessons in one! Learn how to draw beetles, crickets and other strange looking insects, then select an option for coloring. Very easy lesson for the teacher, super fun for the kids! Requires one or two, 45-minute classes.

How to Access your DIGITAL Lessons

By adding your email and password to our system, we can provide you with a history of all your purchased art lessons. This means you can access them anytime you wish through the “My DSS” button. Please note: Your “My DSS” password is unrelated to your e-course password

Once your payment goes through, you will be guided to a download link so you can see your lesson plan straight away. All lesson plans that you order will remain in your own personalized “DSS store” for access whenever and wherever you want so even if you didn’t received the link via email, you can always access the lessons via “My DSS”.

I like to print out my lesson plans and place in a lesson plan book, but if you are watchful of your ink supply, you may just want to print just the handouts. I’ve designed them in black and white so you can photocopy them easily and cheaply.


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