Starry Night Mixed-Media


Starry Night Mixed-Media

After ten years of teaching art and creating my own lesson plans, I have finally settled on a Starry Night Art Lesson. This lesson combines so many art techniques: double-loading, experimenting with color value, expressive painting, collage and composition as well as color theory. Hard to ask for anything more.

What is so impressive about this lesson is that every child produces a piece of art that is individual to their style and easy for all skill levels.

Perfect for grades 3-5, this art lesson uses basic art supplies (liquid tempera paint, oil pastels and paper) and guides you how to teach the art techniques to children.

Taking only two, 45-minute art classes, my third graders (you can stretch it to three if you need to) worked quietly and diligently on their painting. At one point during the working time, the classroom teacher and I looked at each other shocked that the art room was utterly quiet. This doesn’t happen often.

For a beautiful video depicting Starry Night, click here

This packet contains National Core Art Standards for grades 3-5 and Common Core Standards for Grade 3

This packet is great for grade levels: 2-5

Paint like Van Gogh's Starry Night

Included in this 13-page PDF:

NEW! National Core Art Standards for grades 3, 4 and 5

NEW! Common Core Standards for Grade 3

Artist Statement Sheet

How to Draw Starry Night Landscape

Double-loading Technique

Full-color, photo tutorials of students working

Student Gallery

Art Supply List



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  1. Julia Cox

    This was a very fun lesson to do with the kids. I like the mixed media aspect but LOVED teaching the kids about double loading their brushes with color. They had a wonderful time with it and the results were amazing. I will be replacing my other lesson on Starry Night with this one!

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