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The Modern Masters K-2

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Modern Masters for Kinder-2nd grade introduces young children to the modern masters with easy to prep and easy to do art lessons. Children learn about Henri Matisse and his fauve painting “The Goldfish”, Paul Klee’s “Cat and Bird” and Claude Monet’s “Waterlilies”. Each lesson is designed so that every child of any ability can master the art techniques demonstrated.

This packet is great for grade levels: K-2

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Product Description

This 22-page booklet features three complete lessons and is perfect for ages 5-8. The booklet includes:

  • 22 pages of photo-tutorials and teacher tips
  • An introduction to the artist and his paintings
  • How to teach chalk techniques to young children
  • Observation drawing
  • Directed line drawings
  • Literature tie-in suggestions
  • Student galleries
  • Art Supply lists

Handouts include:

  • How to draw a lily pad
  • How to draw Matisse’s “Goldfish”
  • How to draw Klee’s “Cat and Bird”.


How to Access your DIGITAL Lessons

By adding your email and password to our system, we can provide you with a history of all your purchased art lessons. This means you can access them anytime you wish through the “My DSS” button. Please note: Your “My DSS” password is unrelated to your e-course password

Once your payment goes through, you will be guided to a download link so you can see your lesson plan straight away. All lesson plans that you order will remain in your own personalized “DSS store” for access whenever and wherever you want so even if you didn’t received the link via email, you can always access the lessons via “My DSS”.

I like to print out my lesson plans and place in a lesson plan book, but if you are watchful of your ink supply, you may just want to print just the handouts. I’ve designed them in black and white so you can photocopy them easily and cheaply.


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