Deep Space Sparkle Art Workshop: It’s Happening!

Join us on June 27th for a day of creating, inspiration and lots of goodies!  Deep Space Sparkle's FIRST in-person workshop

Oh my goodness…I’m SO excited. After years of thinking about this, I am finally making it happen. My FIRST in-person Deep Space Sparkle Workshop. Connecting with adults who love kid’s art is easy through the blog but it’s harder to create the connection in person. I must admit that organizing this workshop feels a little scary–what if no one wants to come? What if I can’t deliver great tips? I decided I … Read More →

The Great Wave Art Lesson Plan & Video

Based on the painting The Great Wave off Kanazawa by Katsushika Hokusai, kids draw and paint their own version of Mount Fuji and the great wave.

Inspired by the book The Great Wave: A Children’s Book Inspired by Hokusai by Véronique Massenot and Bruno Pilorget and the painting The Great Wave off Kanazawa by Katsushika Hokusai, my fourth grade kids created the most beautiful paintings. I was hesitant to create an art lesson inspired by Hokusai’s The Great Wave. As a girl who loves Matisse and Van Gogh, Hokusai’s colors are rather bland and subdued. It wasn’t until I picked … Read More →

Art Tip Video: Smoothing Technique

Video art tip: teach your kids how to paint smoothly

If you teach painting to kids, you know that one of the most difficult things to do is to encourage kids to smooth their paint. You know what I mean. Some areas of the painting will have big blobs of paint whereas other areas are watery and pale. Although some kids argue that this is their artistic vision (you know who they are) most can really benefit from a technique that helps … Read More →

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Is your blog Pinterest friendly? Here are some easy tips and tricks to do today to make sure everyone sees your great content.

Are you looking for ways to increase your blog traffic? Look no further than Pinterest. I love to use Pinterest to source ideas for art techniques.  I scroll through my feed or perhaps do a search. I pause on the pins that connect with what I am looking for and if the image is interesting, I click through to the web page for more details. It’s that final step that you want your potential readers to take when they see … Read More →

Springtime with the Masters Art Lesson Packet

Springtime with the Masters Easy Art Projects

According to my 2015 Readers Survey, many of you need simple, easy lessons that involve little to no prep. Here’s what you said… Do these requests sound familiar? There are many needs out there and I know I can’t help all of you, but I love responding to your request. Springtime with the Masters is a collection of easy prep art activities using paper, marker and colored pencils. these aren’t your typical Deep … Read More →

Paint Like Pollock: Art Project for Grades K-2

First grade kids read the book, Action Jackson, then create a Pollock Painting using a cool technique.

As much as I love creating a big mess with paint, I wasn’t inspired to create a Jackson Pollock art project until I saw this post. I knew the technique of dipping yarn into tubs of paint would be a huge hit with my first graders. And it was. Plus, I could finally read Action Jackson! If you don’t have this book, it’s a must-read about Jackson’s painting process, not to … Read More →

Survey Says…Reader Survey Results 2015

Deep Space Sparkle survey 2015

I must confess that I do not have survey-asking skills. I merely want to know, now that I’m in my seventh year of blogging, what my readers care about and if they had anything to tell me. Basically, I want to know about you. Here’s what I found out…. I love that after SEVEN years of blogging, you still visit me. A few of you mentioned that you had trouble finding me. … Read More →

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