How to Create a Funny Face Ghost for the Halloween Season

Who says ghosts have to be scary? These happy, friendly ghosts are easy to draw and make, even for preschoolers or kindergarten kids. This project is based on the book,... Learn More



Starlight Pumpkins | Art Project for the Fall Season

These beautiful, glowing pumpkins have a lot going on! This multi-step pumpkin art project includes drawing from observations and sequence, primary color mixing, adding highlights, cutting and pasting skills and... Learn More




Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day | Our Spotlight Book Recommendations by Indigenous Authors

Throughout the year, it is important to recognize the contributions, achievements and cultures of others. Not only does this promote diversity, but it also helps us learn a more comprehensive... Learn More

Easy Holiday Art Project: Halloween SPARK-TACULAR

If there’s one thing we all need right now, it’s a little bit of fun! Take some time this week to create some painted paper masterpieces, pull out your pipe... Learn More

Symmetrical Paper Cut Aliens!

This paper art project is a fun one for children as each paper alien is different for every child. Symmetry is introduced and used as the vehicle to create the... Learn More


Line and Pattern Cat

Starting the school year with a line drawing is one of the best ways to gauge the attention level of you class and create a beautiful and expressive piece of... Learn More


Textured Fall Leaves

I look forward to doing this project every year. Anytime you take a real object, in this case, fresh leaves and apply paint to the underside, something magical happens. For... Learn More



Teaching an Art Unit from Japan

Traditional Japanese art has been enjoyed for centuries and would be almost impossible to capture in a single art unit. In fact, Japan may have been the most challenging country... Learn More

How to Make a Papel Picado | Mexican Folk Art

TRADITIONAL MEXICAN PAPEL PICADO Papel picado is a traditional Mexican craft that features colorful paper sheets with intricate cut-out details. It was made by stacking many sheets of paper and... Learn More



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