Ted Harrison Inspired Landscape & Polar Bear

Take your kiddos on a trip to Canada’s northern territory to explore my favorite artist, Ted Harrison and draw a friendly polar bear. Ted Harrison (1926-2015) hailed from the UK... Learn More




Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait Art Project

Few figures in American history inspire hope in the human spirit quite like civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. His iconic I Have a Dream speech outlined his hopes... Learn More

What to do in your Art Room in January

January has officially arrived, when a brand new year sits before you like a fresh, empty page. Whether you’re coming back after the holidays or beginning a brand new school... Learn More

Cozy Hibernating Bear Using Tempera Paint and Simple Materials

Who doesn’t love snuggling up on a chilly winter night? As the days start to get shorter and colder, this hibernating bear will have you dreaming of cozy winter nights... Learn More

Guide to Purchasing your Art Materials

Purchasing and managing art supplies is a huge aspect of an art teacher’s job. There’s nothing more exciting than unboxing a fresh package of art materials and imagining all of... Learn More

How to Teach Proportion | Snowman Project | Elements & Principles of Design

This simple snowman drawing can be a great introduction to the concept of proportion for younger students, using nothing more than their own hand to measure and help point out... Learn More

Your 8 Step Plan to Organizing your Art Room

Is your art supply closet a mess? Struggling to manage multiple boxes of paper scraps? Staring at a well-loved art room in need of some serious organizational attention? You’re not... Learn More

Happy Paper Penguin Art Project

If you are looking for an expressive, easy and impressive penguin art project, look no further! These adorable penguins are quite easy to complete in two, 40-minute sessions and use... Learn More


How to Draw a Christmas Car

Looking for a fast art project to do with your students? This cute Christmas car is quick (two sessions at 45 minutes each) and full of art techniques: symmetrical drawing,... Learn More



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