30 Essential Books for the Art Classroom

To help get you inspired for this upcoming school year, we’ve compiled a list of our 30 must-have children’s picture books for the art room and wanted to share them... Learn More

Summer Art Ideas Inspired by Nature Anatomy

It’s no secret that students love exploring nature in their artwork. The curiosities of the natural work supply an endless well of inspiration and wonder. The book Nature Anatomy: The... Learn More

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day | Our Spotlight Book Recommendations by Indigenous Authors

The second Monday of October in the United States marks Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a holiday that celebrates and honors the invaluable contributions of Indigenous Peoples while also commemorating their histories... Learn More

Art and Joy | Protecting our Artistic Intuition

Oh my goodness, teachers! Essential art book alert! Danielle Krysa’s latest book, Art and Joy Best Friends Forever is an absolute must for your art room book shelf. It’s the... Learn More

Honoring National Native American Heritage Month with Your Students

November kicks off National Native American Heritage Month, also referred to as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, which is a time to celebrate the rich traditions, cultures and... Learn More

Children’s Books for the Fall Season

One of the best ways to transition children into art-making is through a book. And if that book connects with the season, all the better. During the days when children... Learn More

Book Suggestion and Project Pairing to Honor Native American Heritage Month

In the United States, the month of November marks a specific opportunity to pay tribute to the ancestry and acknowledge contributions of American Indians and Alaska Natives – Native American... Learn More

Celebrating Black Artists Through Literature & Art

I have A LOT of books. They are what inspire me to create art lessons that kids will love and feel connected to.I have a bunch in my office and... Learn More

Bringing Children’s Book Week to Your Classroom | 6 Holiday Art Books for Teachers

There is no bigger tradition in my household than pulling out my favorite holiday picture books. My children are grown, but I still lay the worn copies of The Polar... Learn More

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