30 Art Books you need in your art room

30 Essential Books for the Art Classroom

To help get you inspired for this upcoming school year, we’ve compiled a list of our 30 must-have children’s picture books for the art room and wanted to share them with you.

This is a new list for us that includes many of our team’s tried and true favorites to some new titles that I hope you check out.
And if you are an BIG fan of art and literature connections (like me!), you can also check out more of our other posts on children’s picture books for the art room at the bottom of this post.

30 Art Books you need in your art room

Read Across America Week is celebrated each year in early March to highlight the importance of literacy for young children.

As educators, we know the joy and inspiration that can be derived from a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book; from taking students on adventures to far off or imaginary places to planting seeds of kindness and good character one page at a time.


Art classes are becoming shorter and shorter so that even the art-making time is impacted. But if you have a few extra minutes, using books to transition children to the art room can be successful in helping children connect to their imaginations.
It’s true, reading helps calm students and increase focus, but can also help inspire creativity. The visual nature and simple, rhythmic language in books written for children can help to introduce new and even sophisticated topics in bite-sized, easy to understand portions.

So if you haven’t read aloud to your students in a while, take this opportunity to slow down and let the magic of reading weave its way back into your classroom.

30 Art Books you need in your art room

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30 Art Books you need in your art room

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