What to do in your Art Room in February

February is a wonderful time to take stock of what you have already accomplished in the art room and think about what you still want to focus on. The weather... Learn More

Day of the Dead Project Roundup

November is almost here and we can feel it in the air. With the whirlwind of holidays about to ensue, you might be looking for some seasonal projects that are... Learn More

Cinco de Mayo | 5 Tips to Share Cultural Appreciation with your Students

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. Do you have any special projects or activities planned? Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the art room can be a lot of... Learn More

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Beautiful Blackbird Art Project

This lesson is a wonderful addition to you Black History Month collection of lessons. Children learn about the world of artist Ashley Bryan and his book Beautiful Blackbird, while creating... Learn More



Honoring National Native American Heritage Month with Your Students

November kicks off National Native American Heritage Month, also referred to as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, which is a time to celebrate the rich traditions, cultures and... Learn More

3 Ways to Honor National Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15th to October 15th, we celebrate and honor National Hispanic Heritage Month. If you’ve ever wondered why it begins in the middle of the month, it’s because September... Learn More

Queen Elizabeth II Tribute + Portrait Project

Having such a strong, consistent leader be present for my entire life has been a comfort. Queen Elizabeth II was such an unshakable pillar in an unsteady world. This Canadian... Learn More

Alma Thomas: Painting a Rainbow

Here’s an activity that’s not only a perfect way to demonstrate brush control and paint mixing but get to know an amazing artist, Alma Thomas. I’ve used this technique many... Learn More

Chinese New Year 2022 | Year of the Tiger Art Project

Teaching students about cultures around the world can help bring them perspective and an expanded world-view. This bright and lively tiger art lesson also offers students an additional opportunity to... Learn More

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