Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and End User License Agreement


Here is a list of our frequently asked legal questions. For more details, our complete set of legal documents are accessible below.


Frequently Asked Legal Questions

What is your Privacy Policy?

Deep Space Sparkle stores your name and email address on our servers.


Your email address will only be used to contact you about your account status and other actions initiated on


We will never sell your email address or use it for any purposes other than contacting you about Deep Space Sparkle concerns.


A complete version of our privacy policy is available below.

What are your Terms of Service?

Our “Term of Service” are the legalities governing access and use of online services provided by Deep Space Sparkle.


They go together with our “End User License Agreement” (EULA) where you agree to these terms.


A complete set of our legal documents including the Terms of Service and the EULA are available below.

What is your End User License Agreement?

Our “End User License Agreement” or EULA is an agreement between you and Deep Space Sparkle governing your access and use of our website and products including the membership content.


By using our website and services, you consent to be bound by this agreement.


A complete set of our legal documents including the Terms of Service and the EULA are available below.


If you do not agree to these terms, please immediately stop using our website, our content and services.

Can I use Deep Space Sparkle in my classroom?

Yes. The Sparklers Club membership was created to support art teachers in classroom scenarios.


You may teach Deep Space Sparkle lessons to your students. You may optionally post your results on your website or social media. It is not necessary to give attribution back to Deep Space Sparkle, but it is always appreciated.


You may not post Deep Space Sparkle lesson plans or resources on your website or social media. You may, using your discretion on behalf of your students, post artwork resulting from teaching our lessons.


You may not claim ownership of any Deep Space Sparkle lesson, handout or teaching methodology.


You may not sell, redistribute or provide access to our resources to other teachers or to any other individual or group.

Can I use Deep Space Sparkle for private art lessons?

If you teach art in an after-school program, community center, private classes in your home or studio, or at a summer art camp, this is your category.


You can use The Sparklers Club following the same guidelines as teachers (described above) with these additional restrictions.

– You may not post our copyrighted images, videos or branding graphics in your promotional materials. This includes your website, social media, flyers, etc.

– You may not change or alter our copyrighted lesson plans, art resources or any downloaded PDF’s to reflect your business or name.

– You may not sell or redistribute our resources to your customers or any other individual or group.

– If you post your student’s results on your website or social media, please tag Deep Space Sparkle and give credit to Deep Space Sparkle and/or the Sparklers Club as the lesson creator.

Can I use Deep Space Sparkle copyrighted content when advertising my lessons?


Can I use Deep Space Sparkle in an online classroom?

If school closures require you to embrace online teaching during the Covid-19 crisis, we want to accommodate as much as we can. If this is new to you and you’re confused about what is and isn’t acceptable usage of Deep Space Sparkle lessons in online classes, this is the category that applies to you.


Sparklers Club lessons, videos and handouts can be used on teacher-controlled portals that require students/parents to sign in before providing access to the content.


Teacher-controlled platforms include Zoom, Google Classroom/Hangouts, Microsoft Team, SeaSaw, Canvas etc. It is your responsibility to setup and configure these platforms so they do not share Deep Space Sparkle content beyond your control and your student audience.

– If you would like to share Sparklers Club videos with your students, you can share your screen on a live Zoom call and disable the option to record the call.

– If you create your own video tutorial using our lessons, you may only share it on a teacher controlled private online platform.

– If you would like to share Sparklers Club PDF resources, you may do this but only share them on a private, teacher-controlled online platform.

Can I use Deep Space Sparkle in a branded brick-and-mortar art studio or large scale online art lessons?

No. We do not provide a license for brand name businesses that operate in brick and mortar locations or large scale online art classes.

Can I post DSS handouts and PDFs on public websites?

No. Deep Space Sparkle videos, PDF’s and handouts must not be posted on public websites that teachers can not control.


This includes unprotected school websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email etc. This also includes private YouTube Channels and private Facebook groups.

Do I still have access to the private membership materials if I cancel?

While you are a member, we encourage you to save all of the lessons and resources you wish to keep for future use. Once you cancel your membership you no longer have access to the private, Sparklers Club website.


We are happy to provide a 48 hour access to the membership within the first 60 days of cancellation. Outside of 60 days, we ask you to resubscribe to access your past bundles and lessons.

How is my credit card info stored?

Your credit card information is not stored on servers.


All credit card orders are processed via secure transaction gateway services including Paypal (, Authorize.Net ( and Stripe (


This includes all regular transactions and all recurring membership payments.

Deep Space Sparkle Privacy Policy


Deep Space Sparkle Terms of Service


Deep Space Sparkle End User License Agreement


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