Honoring National Native American Heritage Month with Your Students

November kicks off National Native American Heritage Month, also referred to as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, which is a time to celebrate the rich traditions, cultures and... Learn More

Ancient Dwellings Rock Art

This art project offers kids the opportunity to create their own rock art petroglyphs using terra cotta clay scraps and white paint. And the best part is that the project... Learn More




Hawaiian Dancers Art Project

What you’ll need: – 12″ x 18″ white drawing paper (or watercolor paper if you have it) – Black waterproof marker (I use Sharpie brand) – Watercolor paints (I use... Learn More




How to Draw a Perspective Landscape

Learning how to draw perspective is one of those art techniques that gets kids to sit up and take notice. Part of the excitement is realizing that art has rules.... Learn More



Lincoln Portraits Art Project

If you are looking for a great story to read to your students, Abe Lincoln’s Dream by Lane Smith combines corny jokes, American history and great illustrations. The story alludes to the Lincoln’s bedroom... Learn More

Santa Barbara Mission Paintings

The Santa Barbara Mission is perched on top of a gentle hill overlooking the city and the distant ocean. An extensive rose garden offers the visitor a place to picnic,... Learn More




America the Beautiful Ceramic Tile Mural

Another year has passed and with it another ceramic tile mural graces our school’s inner courtyard. I can’t think of a better way for our graduating students to celebrate their... Learn More


Liberty Bell Art Project

Looking for an easy Liberty Bell art project? This lesson leans more towards craft than art but many standards are reinforced: composition, history, tracing/cutting, and color mixing. To start, my... Learn More


Grand Canyon Painting Lesson

Here is another lesson inspiration from the book,  Wow! America! by Robert Neubecker. A journey across the United States brings us to the great Grand Canyon. Layers of rock, canyons and... Learn More


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