Santa Barbara Mission Paintings

The Santa Barbara Mission is perched on top of a gentle hill overlooking the city and the distant ocean. An... View Article




Skyscraper Line Drawing

Inspired by illustrator, Marz Jr. 5th grade students looked at pictures of skyscrapers and created a retro line drawing of... View Article


Paper Skyscrapers

Cutting and pasting is a big deal in Kindergarten. Learning how to manipulate paper into shapes and then into a... View Article


Paul Klee Art Lesson

PAUL KLEE ART LESSON Paul Klee has quickly become one of my favorite artists to showcase in my art room.... View Article


Watercolor Castle Art Project

My Kinder students joined in on the fairy tale fun by learning how to turn lines and shapes into a... View Article


Fairy Tale Castles Art Project

This easy, two-part project is perfect for first through third grade students. After a brief discussion about castles and all the wonderful features... View Article


Futuristic City Line Drawing Art Project

Usborne Activities’ 365 Things to Draw and Paint (Activity Books) is a great resource for art techniques and ideas. I love the... View Article


Van Gogh Inspired City at Night Art Project

VAN GOGH INSPIRED CITY AT NIGHT ART PROJECT My last art project with my K/1 class was designed to use... View Article


Waterfront Houses Art Lesson

  Last summer, I purchased the book Ship-Shapes by Stella Blackstone and illustrated by Siobhan Bell. The  fabric art provided... View Article