Fairy Tale Castles Art Project

EASY castle project for kids

This easy, two-part project is perfect for first through third grade students.

After a brief discussion about castles and all the wonderful features they have, I demonstrated a basic castle drawing techniques. We used white oil pastel on black paper to draw the castles.

Then, using a household sponge cut into 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ pieces, children dipped damp sponges into silver metallic tempera paint and created the stones or bricks.

Encourage stamping right off the ends of the paper as the castles will be cut out later on (this solves the problem of fitting full sized bricks into small spaces, although you can also use the ends of the sponges). The sponges created an old-world effect that the children loved.

Once dry (usually the end of class one), children cut out their castles and use paper scraps to create windows, doorways, flags and banners. I set out a tray of paper scraps, scissors and glue sticks and gave a few directions on how to cut out an arched window (fold paper in half), flags and banners.

The children completed their castles at varying times, so to entertain the children who finished early, I set them to work painting a large sheet of craft paper to act as the backdrop for the castles. They really enjoyed the freedom to create their own signature castle.

 Second Grade Castles…

Easy stamped castle art project for kids


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  • Jessie

    I so love this! My boys are a bit too young but I organize a local children’s art group, and I think some of the older kids would love this!

  • Pat Stevens


    You took something that could get complicated and made it accessible for 2nd graders. These look awesome! I love sponge painting cuz the texture is so fun.

  • Patty

    These are adorable! Can’t wait to try them with my 1st graders when we do our fairy tale unit. Thanks for all of the great ideas.

  • Kelli

    What a great project! This is something I can do with both my children(5&8) which is not always easy to find, but much easier on me to coordinate.

  • Jen

    Knights and Castles and things to make and do is a great resource! I found this book last year at my local library and used many ideas to inspire a whole unit on Knights and Castles to team up with my music teacher and the 5th grade play. Thanks for sharing your great lessons!

  • Miss

    These are fantastic- the contrast of the silver paint on the black paper is striking and very effective for a castle. Can I ask what brand of black paper you use? I find it’s so difficult to find a really rich black paper as opposed to dark grey which most ‘black’ construction paper ends up being, in my experience.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandra

    Hi Patty,
    tried this lesson with P.3/4 (age 7-8) here in Scotland, was a great success
    have you ever done clay castles?? Looking for tips.

    • Patty

      It’s funny you ask! I’m planning on trying some type of castle with my 5th graders. I’m not sure how it’ll work but I’ll be sure to post! Glad the castles worked for you. Just Love Scotland by the way. Drove all around 10 years ago. Loved the Island of Skye.

  • Kristyn

    Hi Patty,

    I just started this project with my 2nd graders and am so happy with the results. Thanks for the great inspiration. I will make sure to link back to you if I post about it on my blog 🙂

  • Alissa

    I love your site! The castle idea is awesome and I will try it out with my younger students.

  • Theresa

    I have a lot of boys in my class that will love this one! Thanks!

  • Claire

    What a fab art activity! I’m going to do this with my P2 class as our topic is Scottish Castles this term. Thank you!

  • Barbara

    How wonderful! I´m going to combine this with our “reading day” November 16th and fairy tale reading, writing, …

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