Falling Leaves Art Project

I’ve been enraptured by the double-loading painting technique for over a decade. The combination of two or more colors placed... View Article




Keith Haring Action Figures

Keith Haring is known for his bold, graphic style of art. He was born in a small town in Pennsylvania... View Article



Tonal Winter Landscape

TONAL WINTER LANDSCAPE As soon as I saw Slush Mountain (affiliate link) by Bjorn R. Lie, I couldn’t wait to break out... View Article



Paint Like Monet

PAINT LIKE MONET ABOUT CLAUDE MONET When Monet was young, he noticed that painters created dark and very serious art... View Article



Gustav Klimt: Master of Metallics

Introducing Gustav Klimt to your students is really like opening up a pot of gold. There are so many interesting facets... View Article

Mola-Inspired Holiday Stockings

Part culture, part color theory and all fun, this Mola-inspired Holiday Stocking will keep the kids busy drawing, cutting and... View Article

How to Make a Papel Picado

TRADITIONAL MEXICAN PAPEL PICADO Papel Picado is a traditional Mexican craft that features colorful paper sheets with intricate cut-out details.... View Article



Santa Barbara Ceramic Tile Mural

Have you ever thought about creating a collaborative mural with you students? It helps not to think about the logistics. Just... View Article

Sketchbook Project #8: Animal Eyes

The Sketchbook Project is a record of how my sixth grade students used sketchbooks during their art class to record art information and create... View Article