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Deep Space Sparkle offers lesson plans, video tutorials and art resources to help adults teach art to kids.

We believe that teaching art is an essential part of childhood and with simple instructions, basic art supplies and a little support, we hope we can make the process easy and joy-filled for teachers and parents.

We run a membership program (The Sparklers Club) along with in-person and online art workshops, podcast (Art Made Easy) and a website dedicated to inspiring adults to teach art to kids.

We strive to make teaching art simple, enriching and inspiring.

Who is Team Sparkle?

Deep Space Sparkle was found by Patty Palmer, a former K-6 art teacher in Goleta, California. After blogging about her experienced teaching art in a elementary school, teachers began asking questions and requesting her lesson plans.

Responding to the needs of her readers, Patty created a simple online store with the help of her husband, Neil.

They started selling one PDF and within 18 months had over 100 art lesson packs, an online course for new teachers and a thriving business.

Patty hung up her teacher apron in 2015, and started working full-time with Deep Space Sparkle. Neil retired from corporate one year later and together they created Team Sparkle.

E-Commerce & Marketing manager

Want to play a key role in building and growing one of the most recognized brands in kid’s art education? We are looking for a project manager who can work with our small (but growing!) creative team to manage our business activities.

Deep Space Sparkle creates online art resources for adults teaching art to kids. We have a growing membership site, podcast, online and in-person workshops, a website and e-commerce store.

Sound interesting? A few questions first:

Are you known for your obsessive organization skills?

Do you love learning new programs, tools and systems and implementing them?

Do you have a Get It Done attitude?

Do you love unearthing your friend’s super-powers and helping them shine?

The Project Manager at Deep Space Sparkle serves as the full-time nucleus of our Sparkly world. 

This is not a remote or part-time job. This is a full-time opportunity to work in Santa Barbara and put your organization skills to work. 

If you’re the type who gets motivated by high expectations, read on…

What the Project Manager will do at Deep Space Sparkle:

> The Project Manager is in charge of our product launch calendar, including execution, management and goal setting

> The Project Manager will manage our email list to increase conversions

> The Project Manager is responsible for making SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and ensure they are followed by each team member.

> The Project Manager helps set the marketing & product calendar and ensures all team members understands their roles.

> The Project Manager is in charge of the task management system: assigning tasks, status updates and quality assurance.

> The Project Manager will evaluate our product sales to make sure they are on track to reach our goals.

This position is for:

> A flexible, resourceful thinker

> Someone with the ability to see what needs to be done compared to being told what to do

> A person who embraces a creative work environment 

> Someone who knows how to build a team

> Someone who can understand the needs of the team members

> The friendly type who enjoys life and takes satisfaction from their work

> Those who love reading non-fiction books, listening to business podcasts and going to conferences.

> Those who have a soft spot for children, art and teachers.

Salary is negotiable depending on experience. 

You will typically work 35-40 hours a week with a flexible schedule. We have 3-4 busy weeks per year that require more hours.

Some travel required: Team Retreats, attending conferences and attending our own workshops

Interested? Here’s what to do:

Please email, write the words Sparkle Op in the subject line and answer the following questions in the body of the email:

What intrigues you about this opportunity?

Tell me about your experience working as a manager and what successes you have had.

Share what your dream work environment would be like.

What is your Myers-Briggs profile and your Enneagram number? What do these profiles say about your strengths?

Describe an online business that you admire.

If we feel you have the Sparkly vibe, we will reach out for more information.

Thank you!