What We Do…

Deep Space Sparkle is a leading online resource of children’s art projects that aims to empower adults to teach art to kids.

We serve thousands of teachers all over the world to teach art, whether in an art room, classroom or around a kitchen table. Deep Space Sparkle helps teachers of all artistic abilities.

We run a monthly art lessons membership (The Sparklers Club) along with seasonal workshops, podcast (Art Made Easy) and online resources.

We strive to make teaching art simple, enriching and inspiring.

Project Manager

Want to play a key role in building and growing one of the most recognized brands in kid’s art education?

We are looking for a project manager who can work with our small (but growing) creative team to manage our marketing and publication efforts.

Deep Space Sparkle creates online art resources for adults teaching art to kids. We have a growing membership site, podcast, online and in-person workshops, a website and e-commerce store.

Sound interesting? A few questions first:

–  Are you known for your obsessive organization skills?

– Do you love learning new programs, tools and systems and implementing them?

-Are you the friend that everyone relies on when making party plans?

-Do you love unearthing your friend’s super-powers and helping them shine?

The Project Manager at Deep Space Sparkle serves as the full-time nucleus of our Sparkly world.

This is not a remote or part-time job. This is a full-time opportunity to work in Santa Barbara and put your organization and marketing skills to work.

-We need you to be enthusiastic about our mission which is to make teaching art easy and joyful.

-We need you to have a solid understanding of how online marketing works, including lead magnets, opt-in pages, newsletters, email marketing processes, Facebook marketing, & webinars. If these are not familiar to you, then this job is probably not for you.

-It’s essential that you love learning how to use social media to build a brand.

-We need you to work with our creative department to ensure that our brand stays consistent, our message clear, and our calendar managed.

If you’re the type who gets motivated by high expectations, read on…

What the Project Manager will do at Deep Space Sparkle:

The Project Manager is in charge of our product launch calendar, including execution, management and goal setting

The Project Manager plans and executes sales funnels for various products within our product suite.

The Project Manager will manage our email list to increase conversions

The Project Manager is responsible for making SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and ensure they are followed by each team member.

The Project Manager helps set the marketing & product calendar and ensures all team members understands their roles.

The Project Manager will hire and manage contractors as needed for each project. You will find, hire and manage them.

The Project Manager is in charge of the task management system: assigning tasks, status updates and quality assurance.

The Project Manager runs the weekly mini meeting to help team members manage tasks (assigning tasks like creating an opt-in page, identifying blocks and what’s holding them back)

The Project Manager will evaluate our product sales to make sure they are on track to reach our goals.

This position is for:

A flexible, resourceful thinker

Someone with the ability to see what needs to be done compared to being told what to do

A person who embraces a small working environment

Someone who knows how to build a team

Someone who is excited to be a BIG part of a thriving membership site

Someone who can understand the needs of the team members

The friendly type who enjoys life and takes satisfaction from their work

Those who love reading non-fiction books, listening to business podcasts and going to conferences.

Those who have a soft spot for children, art and teachers.


You may not have every skill listed, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect for the job. To share more about yourself, please take this brief survey.

Click on this link and fill out the survey. Please read instructions thoroughly before submitting your name and email.

After you take the survey, please email  your resume to patty.palmer@deepspacesparkle.com

If you make a mistake, please take survey again.