Watercolor Jellyfish Art Project

This drippy technique is and absolute WINNER for kid’s engagement. It requires two things that are an absolute MUST : Liquid watercolors and watercolor paper.It’s is a super fast and... Learn More

Symmetrical Paper Cut Aliens!

This paper art project is a fun one for children as each paper alien is different for every child. Symmetry is introduced and used as the vehicle to create the... Learn More


Teaching Art to Children with Special Needs: AME 056

There is a huge effort to mainstream children with special needs but often teachers have no formal training in the special needs area. Debi London experienced this first hand as an... Learn More



Art Projects for Inclusion Students

I’ve received a few letters asking me about projects best suited for inclusion kids. While I’m not anywhere near qualified to answer this question on a professional level, either as... Learn More

Painted Bunny Art Lesson

Paint and sponge your way to a very easy bunny art lesson for kids. Painting the bunny only involves a simple line drawing, sponge painting and a few embellishments. My first graders... Learn More


Mexican Art Unit: Sombrero & Poncho Art Project

MEXICAN ART UNIT: SOMBRERO & PONCHO My third grade classes are a creative and energetic bunch. They have a hard time sitting still. Instead of trying to reign them in,... Learn More


Painted Paper Hearts Art Project

Laura at Painted Paper is my go-to source for inspiration. No one can teach color theory like she can! So when I saw her Picasso-Inspired Hearts, I knew I had... Learn More


Poncho Art Project

I began a unit on Mexico this week, celebrating the vibrancy of the Mexican Culture. For first grade, we made ponchos, a variation of a Painted Paper project that created... Learn More

Ceramic Leaf Bowls

I’ve always wanted to try these leaf bowls but was never really sure how to do them. Lori over at Fun Art for Kids provided the inspiration and the know-how.... Learn More

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