Autumn Apples | Cut-out Apple Art for Kinders

While searching for a literature tie-in for these adorable apples, I found Nikki McClure’s exquisite book Apple. The story takes you on a visual journey of the cycle of an... Learn More


How to Paint Dots for Dot Day & Project Roundup

There is just something about dots that make them the quintessential art project embellishment. I don’t know if anyone loves them quite as much as Yayoi Kusama, who’s out-of-this-world artwork... Learn More



What is Sulphite Paper?

Have you noticed “sulphite paper” listed frequently in our material lists and ever wondered what it is? If you have, don’t worry. You’re not alone. When I first began teaching,... Learn More

How to Make Messy Mats

Keeping your art room tables orderly can seem like a huge feat! While we love a bustling classroom full of students engaged in creating art, materials like paint and chalk... Learn More

Watercolor & Pen Flowers | Easy First Day of School Art Project

Looking for an easy first day art project that you can do on the first day of school? This simple line drawing teaches radial drawing, shape, line and watercolor techniques.... Learn More




Exploring Art Supplies through Environments | A Curriculum and Art Course for Teachers

Imagine stepping into school on the first day with a clear path for the entire year and the behind-the-scenes knowledge to teach it all successfully. With the EASE art curriculum,... Learn More

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What to Do in Your Art Room During the Summer Months

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Top 3 Resources to Fund Your Art Program

If you asked us what one of the most common issues art teachers face today, it would certainly be a lack of funding for their art programs. Unfortunately, many teachers... Learn More

Make Your Own Typography Card for Mother’s Day

There’s no better way to celebrate mothers and grandmothers for Mother’s Day than to create a beautiful, personalized card. This hand made card features sweet floral designs that any mother... Learn More



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