Draw a Watercolor Flower Garden





Who doesn’t love an easy project?

This one Watercolor Flower Garden is as easy as you can get. All you need is a small sheet of watercolor paper, black waterproof marker, a white crayon and a few colors of liquid watercolor paint.

Children draw a series of flowers to make a garden. The flowers don’t have to be complex…just a few simple circles with petals is all you need. You can download a drawing guide that will generate ideas quickly or you can have each child create their garden from their imaginations.

After drawing with a black marker, outline each flower and the leaves with a white oil pastel or white crayon. This helps define the flower shapes even more.

If a child wishes to have an area of the art stay white, encourage him to color the area our shape with the white crayon.

Now for the fun part….dab, brush and dribble liquid watercolor paints over the entire drawing. No need to stay within the lines!

Here’s a video to show the process…


For more nature art lesson ideas for your classroom of students or children at home, click HERE.

Need a drawing prompt? Here’s a drawing handout to download. Click on the YELLOW tab below to receive the Watercolor Flower Garden Drawing Guide. Just type in your name and email, and we’ll send it straight to you!

Flower Garden Drawing Guide

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  • susan

    Will be trying this with my little ones this year

  • Jill

    I can’t access the video…

  • Corrie

    I love using your easy lessons for fundraisers. The students feel successful. The parents love to buy and display them in their homes. I love teaching them because they don’t eat up a lot of time, but still cover standards.

  • susan

    The PDF file does not download when I click on it.

    • Patty

      To receive the PDF, just click on the yellow box and add you email. Then we can email you the file. Thanks!

      • Lauran Weinmann

        Hi Patty. Do we need to add our email every time we want to download a PDF? I’ve already sent it and received a different PDF earlier. Thank you!

        • Patty

          Yes. If you want a freebie, we ask people to provide their email. That way, we have their email in case they need help. Also, it allows us to see what type of handouts are most popular. We add emails to our newsletter list (2-3 x a month) but you can always cancel out.

  • Barbara DeRosa

    could you give a group rate for Art teachers by district???? Deer Valley School Dist Phx az

    • Patty

      Hi Barbara,
      Do you mean for enrollment to The Sparklers Club? You can contact directly and she’ll offer you a discount based on how many teachers you have.
      If you meant something different, please excuse me! Just ask again. Thank you!

  • Frances Cuttito

    Hello, I can not access any videos. Wondering what I need to do to find the archives also.
    Thank you,

    • Patty

      This particular video is hosted on Facebook. If you click the image, you will see it on Facebook. Is this the video you are referring too? I think you’re a member and you maybe confused. Can you email and explain your problem? Then we can check you subscription so we can help you.
      Thanks Frances!

  • Judy schroeder

    Sounds great and loads of fun

  • Cathey Stoney

    Love your site.

  • Deidre Beltran del Rio

    will be using this in a free library program

  • Jonnie Hebert

    Could you post the video on youtube? We can’t access Facebook from our school computers.


    I will be using this for Open House in 3 weeks. Love it!

  • Linda Wilson

    Love it ……use so many of your pubs and downloads. Thank You

  • Melissa

    Hi, I put in my email to receive the water garden flower freebie and the St. Patrick’s Day four leaf clover freebie. Neither of them were sent to my email…

    Is there a way that I can access these?

    • Patty

      Thanks Melissa! Ashley has fixed the PDF but will email you the right file 🙂

  • Debbie Bruister

    I love watercolors! Will be using this when school starts.

  • Katherine Rice

    Great lessons for summer camp. Thank you.

  • Jing Tan

    I want to download a PDF

  • Joan Ryan

    I’m going to try this with my students. Need a quick one hour lesson

  • Jodie

    Thanks this looks like a lovely art session to continue our work with water colours

  • terri


  • Kelly Warne

    Love it!

  • Mary Carmen

    I to get my students to try new flower designs and use their imaginations for drawing ect…

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