Behind the Scenes: Art Through the Ages Curriculum

At Team Sparkle, we’re always looking for ways to make your life as an art teacher easier so you can focus your energy and time on your students – instead of being stuck behind a computer planning.

With that spirit in mind, we are thrilled to introduce you to the new Art Through the Ages (ATTA) Curriculum that is available to members of the Sparklers Club!

We’ve been working for months behind the scenes; bouncing ideas off each other, creating sample lessons and testing them in real classrooms, filming and editing videos for what felt like forever – just for you!

The ATTA Curriculum is designed to expose students to the breadth of art history, condensed into 10 bundles ranging from Prehistoric to Contemporary Art that can easily be covered in the span of a school year. All of the lessons from kindergarten through seventh grade have been aligned to the National Core Arts Standards and have Common Core connections already built in.

Can you imagine the time you could devote to connecting with an inspiring your students if you don’t have to plan and gather resources for an entire year? Our goal is to give you that freedom, while still delivering high quality, engaging instruction.

Though the curriculum is rooted in art history, we have worked hard to ensure that the lessons are balanced to still give your students a deep understanding of the elements and principles of art and an opportunity to work with a variety of art mediums.

But the ATTA Curriculum isn’t just lesson plans. We’re curated resources like visual slide decks, engaging worksheets, helpful planning documents and EVERY single lesson features an accompanying instructional video that can be played in your classroom so that you can spend your time in more impactful ways.

You can sign up for the Sparklers Club and gain access to the ATTA Curriculum. We truly can’t wait for you to become a member and get your hands on this incredible curriculum! Click below to join the Waitlist and learn more about the Sparklers Club:

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  • sandra.reeves

    I’m already a gold member. Could you inform me where to go to access this resource.
    Thank you

  • Erin Miller

    Would you consider making this curriculum available for a single purchase for those of us not in the club? Or maybe pitch this as your next book!

    • Patty

      Hi Erin! Great suggestion! We found offering it inside our membership is the most affordable way for art teachers to access high quality art lessons and curriculum. Truthfully, I sold a curriculum ⅓ the size of this one and sold it for $400. And the bundles I sell individually are more than a monthly fee…so it seems like a no-brainer to join monthly to me! BUT, I do understand it’s not for everyone.

  • Liezel

    I am a homeschooling mom and would love to access the epic curriculum and art through the ages. I can not afford a club membership. Do you have ways for homeschoolers to access parts?
    Liezel Boshoff

  • Melinda

    Your projects look amazing. I too, like another commented am unable to afford a monthly club fee. Our art program was cut to to funds and I personally can’t take it on. Do you have any options for those who would love your lessons but can’t be a club member?

  • Melinda

    Your projects look amazing. I too, like another commented, am unable to afford a monthly club fee. Our art program was cut due to funds and I personally can’t take it on. Do you have any options for those who would love your lessons but can’t be a club member?

    • Patty

      We do! This blog offers hundreds of free lessons plus every Thursday (Starting in September) I do free art tutorials on my Facebook page PLUS I often show free lessons from inside the membership on Instagram.

  • Sue Ford

    Help! I am a second year Art teacher! I love alot of your ideas and concepts.

  • Renea Micallef

    Lessons look good and I am really hoping this will help me cut down on some of the planning. I was wondering if there are any powerpoints or google slides to go along with lessons? Also, is there any STEAM or IPAD lessons for 5 and 6th grades?

    • Patty

      Hi Renea!
      We have just started adding slide decks to our bundles. The entire ATTA curriculum (Art Through the Ages) has 1-3 slide decks per bundle so you can use them to introduce the art period.
      Our October Bundle is Technology in the Art Room…can’t wait to share some of the resources we found and the lessons we created 🙂

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