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You know art is super important for kids, but you don’t know how to start.
Maybe you are wondering how to get 25 Kinders to paint on the paper instead of their faces.
You want to do the pretty projects but aren’t sure what supplies to use. You got the desire but not the know-how.
I get it and that’s where I can help.

Where do you teach art?

Patty Palmer | Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons & Curriculums for Home and School


I taught K-6 art in Santa Barbara, California for 13 years. Teaching children how to draw & paint has been my biggest joy. Now I'm here to help you do the same. I've compiled my best teaching tips, favorite supplies and books in one place.

My Sparkler Story
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Read how Deep Space Sparkle began plus access the resources we have created to help you create an art program, share art with your children or even start an art business of your own.

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How to Draw a Christmas Car

Looking for a fast art project to do with your students? This cute Christmas car is quick (two sessions at 45 minutes each) and full of art techniques: symmetrical drawing,... Learn More



Holiday Collage Project

Sometimes children need a moment free of instruction, standards and expectations. When I first did this project many moons ago, I recognized the importance of stepping back a bit and... Learn More




What to do in your Art Room in December

It’s officially December and one of the most beautiful, sparkly and fun seasons, but also the busiest and most interrupted seasons in the art room. To combat the overwhelm, create... Learn More

5 Ways to Make Money Teaching Art Classes to Kids

Diving into the world of creative education business ideas for children is a series of endless possibilities. For art teachers and aspiring creative entrepreneurs, the classroom is just the beginning. ... Learn More

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Your 7 Step Roadmap to Selling Your First Art Class

Dreaming of starting a business teaching art classes to children? You’re not alone. Thousands of teachers, artists and parents who love art and children plus have the desire to work... Learn More

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How to Make a Holiday Reindeer

Gather the kids and some colorful paper, chalk pastels and a bit of glitter to create this festive reindeer. I always said that some animals like elephants, zebras and giraffes... Learn More



Creating Classroom Routines for Positive Student Behavior

Do you dream of walking around your art room, listening to gentle music, observing your artists deeply engaged in their art making process while you sip your tea? Let’s be... Learn More

6 Things that Might be Preventing you from Starting Your Own Art Business (and how to move past them)

You have big dreams, loads of ideas and years of experience. But how do you know if starting a business teaching art classes to children is right for you? And... Learn More

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It’s such a thrill when someone new lands in our sparkly corner of the universe.

Patty Palmer | Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons & Curriculums for Home and School

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Our business began by sharing what I was teaching in the art room that worked – and what didn’t work. From my first blog post in 2009, teachers from around the world have shared their stories and struggles, asked for advice and direction. Now twelve years later, we couldn’t be more proud to not only design lovely lessons, but to be a supportive guide through many art teachers’ careers.

I’m so glad that your interest in children’s art guided you to us. This page shares our story – how it all began plus I’ll point out all the resources our team has created to help you create an art program, share art with your children or even start an art business of your own…

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