With The Sparklers’ Club as your guide, we’ll help you plan your program so you can bring YOUR best to the art room this year…

Global Art + Travel Curriculum for Elementary Art | Deep Space Sparkle and The Sparklers' Club

Artrooms are a special place…and YOU get to design the experience for your students…

We provide the path so that you can show up and do what you do best and be your students’ trusted guide through exciting art adventures that will shape them for life… No matter what your art room or teaching situation looks like — or how it might change. We believe that students thrive when YOU are well resourced, supported, and freed up to be your best and most creative self.

… And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

We understand that art teachers approach planning differently…And have different needs…

Deep Space Sparkle is committed to designing comprehensive, inspiring and engaging curriculums and lessons so that YOU can deliver an art program rich with considerations you are proud of….

Our Monthly Art Bundles are carefully curated to meet the needs of teachers right now…

We poll our members to learn what bundles will be most valuable. We consider all requests and create our lessons, teaching resources and trainings to support teachers exactly where they are at.

Each bundle is carefully considered. We balance techniques, standards, prep, adaptability, cultural representations and ensure a diverse range of topics and artists.

Our Curriculums….

For those who prefer a proven path, your membership includes three fully scoped and sequenced art curriculums yearly curriculums plus one mini-curriculum…

Our Sparkler-favorite EPIC Curriculum is a 12-month journey through the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, while Art Through The Ages is a 10-part video-based curriculum that explores art through the lens of your favorite time periods and artists through history.

Our Brand NEW GAP curriculum takes students on a journey to cultures, community and art-making through 7 regions of our world.

All curriculums include student learning objections, planning materials and guides, book lists, supply lists, posters and more.

Each month of both curriculums can be unlocked using your monthly credits — or join yearly to receive the entire GAP curriculum instantly for free!

Who is The Sparklers’ Club for?

New Art Teachers
You want to make sure your art lessons are engaging, age-appropriate and rich in standards… and a whole lot of fun!

You need a little “how to” support while you build confidence and find your groove.

Veteran Art Teachers
You’re confident in your skills as an art teacher, but you’re feeling a little “stuck” lately.

It’s time to breathe new life and inspiration into your art program… and renew your creative energy!

Classroom Teachers
Perhaps you’re a teacher who doesn’t consider yourself a natural “artist”, but you’re excited to unlock your creative spirit with your students.

You want the tools and strategies to teach art like a pro and help your students explore the world around them, so you can create together with confidence.

Volunteers and Home Educators
You teach art as a volunteer, or around your kitchen table. 

You want to save time and get instant access to vibrant lessons and curriculum that work for you and the children you teach!

Enrollment begins January 6th, 2022

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