Where do I log into my account?

Go to www.deepspacesparkle.com

Click on Member Login (top right)

Enter username: (your email that you used to set up your account)

Enter password: If you have forgotten your password, contact support@deepspacesparkle.com to help you.

I purchased a workshop from Deep Space Sparkle. How do I access it?

To enter the workshop portal follow these steps:

Go to www.deepspacesparkle.com

Hover over Workshops

Click on Workshops Logins

Enter email address (used with purchase) and password to enter workshop portal. If you have forgotten your password, click on FORGOT password. Then reset your password. Then login again with the username and new password you set up.

OR you can login with this link: https://deepspacesparkle.mykajabi.com/login

I can't find my downloads. Can you help?

You can always access your purchases by taking the following steps:

Login to our website

Click on SHOP



Click on the yellow button to download your product

I am not receiving the Freebie Packs from Deep Space Sparkle. Can you help?

Check your junk mail or your promotions folder. If you are using your school email, your school may have firewalls in place preventing our emails from reaching you. If this is the case, you can have your IT department white list our emails, or you can request the freebie with a different email address.

Another way to get the freebie packs is through our weekly Tuesday Newsletter. The freebie pack downloads are available in the newsletter with links so you don’t need to enter your emails and wait for a download.

If I stop paying, can I still access my bundles and resources?

Since the Sparklers Club is a subscription, you need to have an active membership to be able to access all of the content. Once you cancel your membership you no longer have access to the private, Sparklers Club website.

However, before Sparklers cancel their membership we encourage them to download all lessons, bundles, and resources that they wish to keep to their computers, so they will have access to them forever.

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Unlocking this lesson will give you access to the entire bundle and use {points} of your available unlocks.

Are you sure?

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The {bundle_title} is Locked

Accessing this bundle will use {points} of your available unlocks.

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The {lesson_title} Lesson is Locked inside of the {bundle_title}

To unlock this lesson, close this box, then click on the “lock” icon.