access the sparklers club membership materials

I can't seem to login to the private website for the Sparklers' Club, how do I login?

The Sparklers’ Club has a private website for members only. To access this site we recommend you bookmark this direct link HERE.

OR –

If you were to go to the DSS Website, click the tab at the top of the page that says SPARKLERS CLUB. By clicking this, you will be re-directed to the members only Sparklers Club website and can then access bundles and the Sparklers Club.

To login you will need your username (which is the email address you used to purchase your membership) and your password.

When can I unlock my next set of bundles?

You will receive 2 additional bundle credits on the first day of the month.

What if I don't unlock my Bundles? Do they expire?

If you don’t unlock all of your Bundles in the designated month, don’t worry. Bundles will carry over into the next month.

How many Bundles can I unlock in a month?

You will receive 2 credits each month to unlock 2 Bundles of your choice. You can unlock artist or themed Bundles or you can unlock Bundles from one of our curriculum’s. It’s up to you. Bundles that you do not unlock will carry over to the next month.

How do I access the lessons in the Bundle?

To access lessons, click on the lesson image to open up the lesson. Each lesson page will feature a lesson PDF, recommended art supplies, objectives, assessment checklist and many will have a video tutorial.

Where can I find the Bundles I have unlocked?

You can click on MY BUNDLES to reference all the Bundles that you have unlocked and all the Bundles that were dropped into your account by Team Sparkle. You will also be able to tell how many Bundles you have available to unlock.

I am not able to download the videos. Why?

Videos in the Sparklers’ Club Membership are designed to be viewed online. We encourage you to download all PDF’s and any support materials provided.

How do I bookmark a lesson?

Click HERE for a video to show you how to bookmark bundles and lessons:

Where do I find the Sparkle magazine and calendar?

Hover over the Teacher Aides tab in the Sparklers’ Club. A drop down menu will appear. Click on the Sparkle Magazine to access.

The {lesson_title} Lesson is Locked inside of the {bundle_title}

Unlocking this lesson will give you access to the entire bundle and use {points} of your available unlocks.

Are you sure?

No Yes

The {bundle_title} is Locked

Accessing this bundle will use {points} of your available unlocks.

Are you sure?

No Yes



The {lesson_title} Lesson is Locked inside of the {bundle_title}

To unlock this lesson, close this box, then click on the “lock” icon.