joining the sparklers club frequently asked questions

What is the Sparklers' Club?

The Sparklers’ Club is a monthly pay-as-go subscription service that provides stunning step-by-step lesson plans and video tutorials, done-for-you curriculum’s and practical support for art teachers who want to feel more organized and inspired.

Do I need to be an art teacher before joining?

The membership is perfect for new or experienced art teachers. If you are brand new to teaching art, we recommend you try a few of our FREE lessons on the blog HERE.

If you decide that you want access to more art trainings, deeper connections and standards with our art lesson plus a supportive community, The Sparklers Club is for you!

What is included in The Sparklers’ Club Membership?


For every month that you’re an active member, you’ll receive access to our newest Art Bundle, PLUS 2 Art Bundle “credits” that allow you to unlock 2 additional Bundles from our extensive library (over 80 Bundles and growing).

Every lesson plan is aligned with a variety of standards, including I Can Statements, Common Core and NCAS, along with matching assessment sheets for easy grading.

You can follow our done-for-you EPIC and Art Through The Ages Curriculum’s each month or simply choose the lessons that catch your eye from our extensive Art Bundle library to build your own custom curriculum.

You’ll have immediate access to curriculum planning documents, artist posters, workbooks, drawing guides, and trainings.

Why is enrollment to The Sparkers’ Club closed and how do I get on the Notification List?

We have two public enrollment periods a year: January and August. We celebrate the enrollments in a BIG way offering plenty of opportunities to tour the membership to see if it’s the right fit for you.

During the months we don’t have enrollment, we focus on creating content and supporting our current Sparklers.
Visit The Sparklers Club to learn more about becoming a member.

How do I use the Membership in my art class?

You have many options. You can follow our EPIC done-for-you art curriculum or Art History Curriculum (ATTA) or choose lessons based on a theme-based unit.

The EPIC curriculum is a structured, skill-based sequenced curriculum designed to build on children’s skills throughout the grade levels and throughout the year. The lessons are rich with I Can Statements, Assessments designed for each lessons and Core Standards.

The ATTA curriculum is based on a timeline of art history from the early prehistoric days to modern times. It features both contemporary and master artists, both female and male artists and a variety of cultures and countries. It highlights art movements throughout 10 unique bundles. This curriculum is excellent for the new teacher as it contains teaching videos for every lessons.

You can also elect your own projects form a variety of art themes and techniques: clay, fiber arts, science, literature, geography, countries, earth science, and famous artists.

How do the PD Hours work?

There are a variety of trainings inside the membership. New trainings are added each month. For every art training, you will receive a certificate for 1 clock hour. It is up to you to determine if the PD certificate is validated in your school district.

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