Will my card be automatically billed?

Yes, your card that you used to join the membership will be charged either monthly if you are a monthly member or yearly if you are a yearly member. You can cancel at any time.

We send a reminder to your email address when your annual membership is set to renew.

When will my account be charged?

Monthly memberships are charged monthly on your anniversary date.

Here’s an example:

If joined on January 3rd, a bill will be emailed on the 3rd day of every month. Yearly memberships will be charged on anniversary date. For example, if you joined January 3rd, you would be charged on January 3rd of the following year.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no fees associated with cancellation.

Members have access to their Sparklers Club membership account until the end of their prepaid term. If you are unsure about this date, you can find it by traveling to The Sparklers’ Club dashboard, clicking “My Account”, and then “My Subscription”.

How do I cancel my membership?


Click on My Account

Click on Subscription

Click on the blue subscription number (next to the subscription dollar amount)

Click on the CANCEL button

What if my credit card attached to my membership expires?

You can update credit card details from the SUBSCRIPTION tab. To do this, LOGIN, Click on My Account and then on My Subscription. Click on the CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD button and then update your credit card details.

I have a monthly membership and would like to switch to the annual rate. How do I do that?

To upgrade your membership to a K-7 yearly membership please contact support@deepspacesparkle.com for assistance.

I would like my school to pay for my membership. How do I do that?

You can join the membership during one of the enrollment periods. Here are the options when a school is willing to pay:

Option 1: If your school plans to pay by credit card, login to your DSS account, put the membership you want in your cart and then at check out, have your school input their credit card information and process payment.

Option 2: You could also purchase a membership for yourself and then have your school reimburse you.  Once you purchase a membership you are immediately emailed a receipt that you could provide to your school for reimbursement.

Option 3. If you need to pay by purchase order, contact support@deepspacesparkle.com to send an invoice to present to your school. Be sure to include the name and email address that you would like to use as well as your school information to complete the invoice.  As soon as we receive the check from your school, we will contact you to activate your membership.

I would like to pay with my Artsonia funds. How do I do that?

For new or existing members, go to your Artsonia account and transfer money to DSS in either monthly or yearly increments. Please be exact.

If you are a new member, please reach out to support@deepspacesparkle.com first and let us know the email you’d like to sign up with. We’ll get your account set up and then you’ll be able to login to Artsonia and transfer funds to DSS in MONTHLY or YEARLY increments. From there, Artsonia will alert us to update your account.

*Please note: we aren’t able to process partial payments, so be sure that the amounts are in MONTHLY or YEARLY increments. For example, if your membership is $38, you can send $38 and pay for one month. You can also send $76 and pay for two months, and so on. An example of a payment we CANNOT process, is a payment of $50 for a membership of more than one month but less than two.

You can expect a 48 hour processing time.

What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.


We accept purchase orders for yearly memberships only.

How do I change my membership password and/or email address?

Members can change their email address or password under their account settings in The Sparklers’ Club. In order to do so, travel to The Sparklers’ Club Dashboard, click on “My Account”, then  “Account Details”. From here you can change your email address or password. (NOTE: It will not let members change their email address to an existing email address in our system. This means that if the member has had multiple memberships under different email addresses, they cannot use the same email for their current membership. Additionally, if the member has ever used that email address to download a freebie or purchase a product from Deep Space Sparkle, that email will not be accepted either. IF this happens to you, reach out to support@deepspacesparkle.com and they can help you resolve this issue.)

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