Working with Family Fun Magazine

I have stacks of old FamilyFun magazines in my closest. I subscribed to the magazine for years and still have many articles clipped and organized in my “things to do (eventually)” binder. I even wrote a few essays with the hope of someday writing for the magazine. Never did send off those essay proposals. So when the art director for the magazine asked me if I wanted to illustrate a badge based on one of my art lessons, I said “Hell ya!”

Well, maybe my response was a little gentler.

My little blog brought that art director to my inbox. The blog that I started just for the fun of it has turned into a dream job. I get to do what I love; create and share. And now, this! A chance to design a badge for their Badges of Fun program. For those of you who have small kids (well, a bit smaller than mine!), the program offers lots of ideas to connect with your kids. Check out their series here, starting with Family Fun Nights of course!

Here is what the page looks like on the FamilyFun website. Cool, huh?


  1. se7en says:

    Oh well done!!! I quite understand your joy!!! I would leap from the table tops and dance in the streets to do something for family fun, they reall are great!!! So well done you and here’s to many more fantastic projects.

  2. That’s awesome Patty!! Well done : )

  3. Stephanie says:

    Congrats Patty!
    A few years back I did a 3D project for them that was in the magazine. I remember going to Branes and Noble and looking in and being like WOWWWWW that’s mine! My kids thought it was great that Mommy work was in a magazine…its such a great magazine…congrats again!

  4. Tisha says:

    Patty, It’s been so great to see your blog morph into such a powerhouse of ideas and success! You were my very first “follower” when I started my blog- and that makes me extra happy for you. Congrats on the Family Fun gig!!!

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