Liberty Bell Art Project

Looking for an easy Liberty Bell art project? This lesson leans more towards craft than art but many standards are reinforced: composition, history, tracing/cutting, and color mixing.

To start, my students sponge painted a piece of 12″ x 9″ paper with blue, red and white paint. I provided the paint, but left the children to create whatever background they wanted. Some smeared the paint over the paper with the sponge while others dabbed very carefully. Then we traced a pre-cut bell template onto brown construction paper and painted gold metallic paint over the surface. The consistency of metallic tempera paint differs from regular tempera in that it feels slimy or smooth–depending on your persepective. Either way, it’s fun to paint with. They set the bell aside to dry.

The kids looked at a few books and pictures of the real Liberty Bell and observed the wooden beam that the bell is hung from. They drew this onto some brown paper with a black oil pastel and added scribbles to imitate wood. When the bell was dry, they used the oil pastel to create the crack on the exterior of the shell. Next, they glued the bell and the beam to the painted paper with white school glue. Press down so everything is flat. Now add the small details such as the bell ringer and the straps that attach the bell to the wooden beam.



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  1. Debbie says:

    I did this activity with my 4th graders last year and everyone had success with it!

  2. Smkyqtzxtl says:

    Didi your lesson with a group of autistic students in preparation for a Veterans Day visitation event. They turned out great Nd we learned about the history of the Liberty Bell and borrowed some bells to ring from the music teacher as well.

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